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What is Yelp?

Yelp is a website and mobile app that connects people with great local businesses – anything from restaurants, bars and spas to dog groomers, mechanics, even dentists!

The Yelp community is made up of engaged locals who connect online and off to share their opinions about local businesses.

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What is a Community Manager?

I like to think of a Yelp Community Manager as the “Mayor” of their city. It’s my job to grow the Yelp community here in Belfast online and off. I throw events, write a weekly newsletter, talk with business owners about how they can use the free tools on Yelp and much more! Here is a little bit more info about me: Introducing Stevie M


Yelp is mostly a restaurant site, right?

No. People are often surprised to hear only 19% of reviewed businesses on Yelp are restaurants. The largest category of reviewed businesses is shopping at 23%. Yelpers are writing about their daily experiences with local businesses and the largest categories are usually the ones we frequent most (hopefully we all eat out more than we call a mechanic). You’ll find Yelp reviews on everything from bars and spas organic dry cleaners, plumbers to veterinarians and much more.

How long has Yelp been in Belfast City?

Yelp already exists anywhere that people are writing reviews. I joined Yelp Belfast as Community Manager in January to encourage the growth of the Yelp community and help connect users both online and off.

I am actually hosting my first event – Meet the Community Manager; Yelp’s Pig Out at Bubbacue so it’s a perfect time to get involved. All you’ve got to do is join Yelp and RSVP to attend!

What is an Elite?

It’s hard to define, but we know it when we see it. Yelp Elite are role-model Yelpers who embody the spirit of Yelp – both online and off – and write useful, funny and cool reviews. They are our most engaged and active users, the local tastemakers in our city, who are passionate about local businesses.

How many Yelp Elite are there?

We don’t break out Yelp Elite numbers. Why? Because they’re constantly changing.

How does someone become Elite?

You can nominate yourself at If you think you’re ready to become Elite, or you can nominate any other community members you think are a great representation of the Yelp community. An Elite Council at Yelp HQ makes the final decision on nominees.

What’s the difference between a regular Yelp event and an Elite event?

I plan both events that are open to anyone with a free Yelp account and exclusive events for my Yelp Elite Squad. Elite events are usually smaller, hosted about once a month and are designed to introduce passionate community members to cool local businesses. These events have their own event listing where attendees can review the event, separate from the venue’s Yelp business listing. The idea is that if the Elites who attend the event like the venue or business, they’ll come back and try it again, and maybe leave a review for the business based on that typical customer experience.

Where can I find Yelp?

Yelp is available in 29 countries: US, Canada, UK, Ireland, France, Germany,

Austria, The Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Belgium, Australia, Sweden,

Denmark, Norway, Finland, Singapore, Poland, Turkey, New Zealand, the Czech Republic, Brazil, Portugal, Mexico, Japan, Argentina, Chile, and Hong Kong. There are 120 cities worldwide that have a vibrant Yelp community. What that means is that we have a Community Manager (me!) in place that interacts with Yelp users both online and off, throws events and writes a weekly newsletter.



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