Andi Jarvis with a Wifi Refugees client

Andi Jarvis with a Wifi Refugees client

Wifi Refugees Marketing Clinic: helping communities grow their business and help those less fortunate

LEADING Industry professionals throughout Northern Ireland have come together to encourage local entrepreneurs to grow their business with the help of free marketing advice, in a bid to raise monies for refugees as well as to foster business growth in the local community.

Formed by marketing expert Andi Jarvis from Eximo Marketing, the Wifi Refugees marketing clinic is aimed towards people from all business backgrounds, the local butcher, the baker, or those who work from their home and offer them a unique opportunity to gain first hand insight from industry experts, into how marketing can help their business grow.

With advice tailored specifically to the needs of those attending, these free sessions are located in easy to access venues across Belfast, therefore bringing trade and business opportunities direct to a company’s front door.

Founder of Wifi Refugees Marketing Clinic Andi Jarvis states; “The aim is simple, to help the local business community grow. Working in the marketing and communications sector for over 15 years, you see the direct impact that marketing has on businesses big and small.

“You could have an outstanding product but if nobody knows you exist then you’re putting your entire business at risk. With a few easy solutions, people will be amazed at the impact it can have in growing your business, that’s where we come in!

“Of course it’s all for a good cause and we hope people seeking our advice will give a small donation to help some of the poorest and most disadvantaged people in our community.”

The latest consultations will take place at three locations across Belfast.

On Tuesday 10th April, Nicola Crothers and Peter Craven will be in the Balmoral Hotel, Blacks Road from 6-8pm, and on Thursday 12th April Emma Burdett will be at Baker Street Coffee on Belmont Road in East Belfast from 6 – 8pm and on Thursday 19th April, Ryan Kyle will be upstairs at Café 1404, Catalyst Inc at the Titanic Pumphouse between 12 – 2pm.

Between them the advisors have over 50 years of marketing experience, with expertise that spans digital marketing and communications, tourism, e-commerce, social media, construction, financial services and tech industries.

An additional clinic will be held by Andi Jarvis in Red Berry, Bangor on Thursday 12th April from 6 – 8pm.

Ahead of the consultation Emma Burdett states; “I’m very excited to be involved with Wifi Refugees, not only are we helping those in need who have left everything behind

to start afresh in a new country but the initiative will support small local businesses who need a helping hand with their marketing!”

Peter Craven added, “Wifi Refugees is a great initiative. The advisors can give expert advice about campaign planning, strategy development, content ideas and social media marketing to local businesses that might not usually be able to access this support.”

The 20-minute consultations are free to the public, with the small voluntary donation of £10 being handed to a local charity which aids in assisting the plight of refugees and asylum seekers in Northern Ireland.

Andi continues, “We encourage everyone to get involved, no matter what kind of business, if we can’t help you directly we will aim to find someone who can. With no appointment necessary, bring your marketing related questions, buy a cuppa and let us help you grow your business. And, of course, let’s help those less fortunate than ourselves.”

Keep up-to-date with details on the consultation sessions on Wifi Refugees Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @wifirefugees or contact Andi Jarvis at

Further info at .

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