When is the Right Time to Replace Your RV Tires?

Have you ever wondered what the most critical component of any motor vehicle is? Most vehicle owners would instantly point out that you cannot have a vehicle without an engine, and rightly so. However, it is also safe to say that tires are one of the most, if not the most, essential components of any motorized vehicle. Maintaining your RV tires is critical for your safety on the road. Therefore, making sure that they are in good condition and ready to handle the terrain you are about to travel on is crucial

Since an RV is almost always on the move and is used to travel long distances, the wear and tear to its tires are far greater than any standard motor vehicle. On top of that, you can never be sure about what kind of driving conditions you might encounter on the road. Therefore, the importance of maintaining your tires increases manifold. Generally speaking, the cost of replacing your RV tires can add up to quite a hefty amount which is why most owners are reluctant to spend money on replacements. If disaster strikes, such as if an RV tire blows up while on the road, the results can be very unpleasant for the driver and passengers. 


How Long Do RV Tires Last?

According to manufacturers, RV tires are designed to function optimally for around 3-5 years. Most experts recommend that RV owners should consider replacing their tires after having used them for around five years or more. Regarding the specifics of when to replace your RV tires, we have more info here for our readers. Experts suggest that owners should regularly monitor the condition of their tires after three years. While checking the tires for signs of wear and tear, you should look out for bulging, uneven ridges near the treads, cracks, or any other indications of damage. 

When Should You Replace the Tires? 

As mentioned earlier, the ideal time for changing your RV tires is anywhere between 3 to 6 years. To be more specific, you need to consider the following factors to help you decide if now is the right time to invest in new tires for your RV.

Time Since Last Replacement

Often overlooked, this is the most vital factor to keep in mind while making the decision. Most RV tires usually last around 5 – 6 years. However, this time frame also depends on certain other factors. If you are on the road often, you cannot expect your tires to work perfectly well for six years. 

On the other hand, if you only occasionally hit the road, you may well be able to make your tires last for as long as six years. As soon as the tires hit the six-year mark, it is a wise idea to start planning to replace them.

Wear and Tear

While the lifespan can give you a rough idea regarding when to get them replaced, regular inspection of your RV tires is also an effective way to ensure that the tires are still safe to use. 

Whenever you decide to travel, carefully examine the condition of your tires before starting your journey. Here’s how you should go about inspecting the RV tires: 

  • Check tread depth: If the tire’s tread is lower than 6/32 inches, it’s a sure shot sign that you need to get the tire replaced. 
  • Check for cracks. Similarly, for tire cracks, you need to measure their depth. If the crack is lower than 2/32 inches deep, you know what to do.
  • Check bulges. When the tires get old and weary, you start to see bulges on them. If you see them extending from the sidewall, it’s probably time for a replacement. Driving a tire that has a bubble is a safety hazard, and there is a high risk that it will blow out on you

How Long is the Next Trip

It is also crucial to consider how long the next trip is while deciding when to replace your RV tires. If you’re going on a holiday that might last for a month or more, it would be wise to get the tires replaced before leaving. The tires might undergo a great deal of wear and tear while you’re on the road for such a long time, so you would rather be safe than sorry.

As an RV owner, you must always look out for the safety of your loved ones. Knowing exactly when to replace your tires can protect you from any serious mishaps while on the road.

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