“Wha’ ye got there? Go’in gee iz it,”- Yer Granny : Lyric Theatre Review

Yer Granny is set in 1970s Scotland – with opening music from Bay City Rollers and Suzie Quatro. The set design is a marvel of the bad taste and dampness of the era. An authentic stage complete with the old Tennent’s beer cans. Prepare yourself for an enjoyable and daft fun night out.

Adapted from a popular Argentinean play, La Nona by Robert Cossa it follows the Russo family’s struggle to survive alongside their 100-year-old Granny (played by Gregor Fisher) who is eating them out of a house and home. She literally eats everything. Set in 1977 as the family await the Queen’s arrival for the jubilee a series of get rich quick schemes come into play. The cast is composed of Scottish comedy royalty featuring Paul Riley of Still Game and Angela Rafferty, Brian Pettifer and Gregor Fisher of Rab C Nesbit. As you would expect with the cream of Scottish comedy – the comic timing is perfect.

yer Granny

I was expecting a Scottish version of Mrs Brown, but Granny is no Mrs Brown. “Wha’ ye got there? Go’in gee iz it,” as she wanders around the grotty ‘70s decor, munching on anything he gets her hands on.

It’s a zany black comedy that will leave you for a craving for cheese n chips. Enjoy!

Rating: 7/10

Tue 23 June – 27th June £10 – £24.50


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