Wedding anniversary repeat for honeymoon prank


A couple have returned from celebrating their silver wedding anniversary to find their front doorway bricked up – just as it was after their honeymoon.

Friends and family of John and Wendy Williams repeated the 1988 prank at their home in Marske, Teesside.

A small gap left between the bricks and the actual front door was not wide enough to squeeze through.

Best man Dave Dallin insisted it was the idea of the couple’s daughter, Emma.

“She rang us and said it would be good to do it again 25 years on,” said Mr Dallin.


“John’s reaction last time was relief because to get them back to the house on time someone phoned them up and told them they’d been burgled.

“When they got back and found they hadn’t it was more relief than anything.

“Last time he said he would get me back but he hasn’t yet.”

Mrs Williams said: “I’m tired more than anything, I’ll get them back when I recover.”

The first prank happened at the couple’s former home while they were on honeymoon in Crete.


Mr Dallin, the cousin of Mr Williams, said: “Three or four of us were sitting in the pub the night before they got back and someone came up with the idea that we’d have to do something as a surprise.

“I can’t remember who came up with the idea of bricking the front door up but we thought it was a good idea seeing as though they only had one door into the house.

“They both seemed to take it in good spirits.”


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