Have you ever wondered what happened to Oliver after his adoption? Well in Esler Burkes adaption of Oliver in his later years aptly named ‘Twisted’ – you can discover  just what happened to the boy that wanted more.

Twisted – The Latter Years at the Theatre at The Mill

Performed by the Home Spun Youth Theatre in The Theatre at the Mill, it doesn’t seem like much has changed for the Artful Dodger as he still maintains his dodgy demeanour – running the local market and pick-pocketing part time. As for Oliver, he has finally lucked out working for the bank and wanting for nothing other than Jane, the market girl.

However, in a ‘twist’, Jane comes with her own problems – Lord Harrington Price, Chief of Police and frequent visitor to Tass’ played a part in the murder of her parents. As Jane now holds this information she presents a problem to Harrington Price, who seeks to end her and Olivers lives the exact same way.

Oliver may have made it out of the East End, but will he make it out the other side unscathed with Jane?

5 years in the making, Esler Burke is delighted to present his latest and perhaps most poignant work in the form of Twisted: The Musical. So if you enjoyed Oliver, and still want more – be sure to see Twisted at The Theatre at The Mill.

Author: Anna Louise Crockard

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