saving money on your van

saving money on your van

We often think about searching for the best deals for our cars, but for tradesman and delivery drivers, getting the best deal on your van is arguably more important. After-all, an unreliable or expensive van can really eat into your profit margin. So, before you commit to any new van, follow our tips below, you might be shocked at just how much money you could save yourself:

Trade in Your Existing Vehicle

When looking at a new vehicle – whether it’s a van or car – many of us forget that you can actually negotiate the price tag by trading in your old car or van. True, you could sell your old vehicle privately for cash, however this can be a lengthy and even stressful process. Trading in, on the other hand, is simple and can really help put a healthy deposit on your new van. Plus, most places will take your old van in any condition. To get an idea of how much your vehicle is worth, Autotrader offers an online valuation tool, then you can either trade in with them or use this knowledge to bargain yourself a deal in a local garage.

Buy Second Hand

Second hand vans can sometimes be thought of as being unreliable, yet this is far from the truth. These days, showrooms are bursting with nearly-new vans at a bargain price. Many of these are simply from eager buyers who invested in a van that wasn’t suitable for their business, or the business itself may have folded. Look for vans with low mileage and find out whether the van was involved in any accidents, what it was used for before and whether it will be due an MOT soon. There are plenty of used van specialists in the area, including the Charles Hurst Van Centre and Used Cars NI, so it’s definitely worth shopping around to see if you can find a suitable used van that will save you money.

Compare Running Costs

Many vans end up getting traded in because the original owners didn’t do the research to see if the running costs of their new van was going to be affordable. It’s essential when buying new (or used) that you look for a van that is suitable for your means. For instance, if you are only going to be delivering cushions around a small area, you won’t need the heavy-duty engine of a van more suited to transporting bricks up and down the country. Before visiting a showroom, list out everything you plan to use your van for and the annual mileage you expect to make, the salesman there will be able to advise the best van type for your needs. Remember to get advice from as many showrooms as possible though, to make sure you find the best deal in the area.

Compare Van Insurance for the Best Deal

Just a few years ago, you may have had to phone round numerous insurance companies looking for the best deals, a laborious task that meant that many of us just took whatever offer was on the table – regardless of price. Online comparison sites make it simple and quick to find the best and cheapest insurance for your van. Every time you see a new or used model that you like, enter its details to ensure you can get a good insurance deal on it too, as there’s no point getting a good deal on your van’s price if the insurance is going to be too high.



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