These Are the Most Durable Rubber Seals


This piece of rubber can easily be missed, but it is often a very important part of a lot of mechanical objects around us. Rubber seals are used to prevent any form of leakage in various equipment like machines, furniture, and many others. They play a vital role so mechanical objects can work properly, and not leak anything while being used. Since you also need your rubber seals to work for a long time, you should choose the most durable ones out there. 

Commercial Natural Rubber

This is a rubber seal that is also called a Styrene-Butadiene, or SBR in short. This material has good abrasion resistance and can be useful at a temperature from -40° to a +70° C, which means it has great versatility. The chemical itself is resistant to acids, alkalis, and most especially to water, though it doesn’t do well with oils, fuels, and petroleum solvents. This is best suitable for low-cost to medium-cost products that need resilient and tough rubber seals. 

White Food Quality EPDM Rubber WCME81

EPDM stands for Ethylene Propylene Diene Co-Polymer and materials using this kind of rubber can be used for areas for processing or cosmetics and pharmaceutical manufacturing. This is because they are non-toxic and non-allergenic, making them safe when used with food or other chemicals that people consume or use daily. Since this rubber is white and has non-marking properties, it should be able to show signs of use and abuse that signals changing or replacement once it has become off-white or dirty. This way, you can easily determine if your rubber seal is still safe to use. 

Neoprene Rubber 

Neoprene has a chemical description of Polychloroprene, Chloroprene (CR), and is known to be one of the original synthetic rubbers. The experts from say that it is among the best rubber seals available. The properties of this rubber have some of the most balanced range, which includes a fair abrasion set, a good chemical resistance to salty water, alkalis, and oils. This material also has good resistance against a lot of inorganic chemical products, except for oxidizing acids and halogens. The rubber is widely used in medical and sports materials. It can also retain its shape and provide support and comfort to users. 

Translucent Silicone Rubber

This unique rubber is also called polysiloxane, OMQ, and VMQ. This material can maintain a good tensile strength, which is great for thinner materials. It has good resistance to water, but it’s the best quality is that it has excellent resistance against dry heat. The rubber does not contain carbon, but alternating atoms of silicon and oxygen. This type of rubber is one of the preferences in the medical and food processing industries. These types of rubber seals are the ones you need should you require a durable material. 

The different types can be used in different industries and functions so you can ensure that materials work well without leaks. They also support other needs like safety and health. 

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