The Great Light and Titanic Walkway officially opens at Titanic Quarter

Great light Titanic

Titanic Foundation and Titanic Quarter Limited launch two iconic heritage maritime public attractions at Titanic Quarter; a 500 metre ‘Titanic Walkway’ and newly modernised lighthouse the ‘Great Light’.

Belfast visitors are now able to walk a 500 metre ‘Titanic Walkway’ which has been implemented by Titanic Quarter Limited. The new walkway located on Victoria Wharf connects to the Titanic Slipways, HMS Caroline and the Thompson Dock.  Leading to ‘The Great Light’, this scenic attraction provides beautiful, panoramic views of a surrounding area while visitors have a chance to learn more about the maritime and industrial Belfast heritage.

‘Titanic Walkway’

Together with the Commissioners of Irish Lights, Titanic Foundation bestow a magnificent and reconfigured; the ‘Great Light’. Reconstructed in Mew Islands in 1928, the lighthouse topping a massive revolving lens that used to lead the ships from late 1800s now shines again from the Titanic Slipway.

The Great Light Belfast
The ‘Great Light’

With the first and largest ‘‘hyper-radial Fresnel lighthouse lens’, the ‘Great Light’ will be guiding the marines to and from Belfast Lough once again. Former Mew Island and Tory Island light consisting of a rare optic lens, weighing 10 tonnes and standing 7 metres tall, has endured for nearly 130 years. The new object has been launched to contribute towards the maritime heritage destination bearing significance to Belfast’s maritime, economic and industrial past.

‘Titanic Walkway’ and the ‘Great Light’ magnificent attractions are definitely worth a visit for the audience interested in maritime history or the visitors who enjoy the scenery of the surrounding area.

Funded by Tourism NI, the Heritage Lottery Fund, Belfast City Council, Ulster Garden Villages and the Commissioners of Irish Lights.

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New Belfast Great light. via @omjbernard The massive revolving lens, which topped the lighthouse at Tory Island Lighthouse in 1887 before being reconfigured and moved to Mew Island in 1928, has a new home now just yards from the Titanic slipway . _______________________________________________________ This very rare Fresnel Lens is one of the largest optic of its kind ever built in the world, and is around 130 years old, made in Paris in 1887. Weighing 10 tonnes and measuring 7 metres tall, the optic is a unique heritage object with significance to Belfast’s economic, maritime and industrial past. #Belfast, #NorthernIreland _______________________________________________________ #titanic #lens #greatlight #belfast #lighthouse #instagood #love #amazing #landmark #greatlight #belfastgreatlight #GreatLightTQ

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