Why You Must Select The Best Lumbar Support Office Chair

One of the most common adult health issues is back pain. It affects not less than 80 percent of any adult population. This pain can be very excruciating, causing all kinds of problems including the inability to sleep properly.

A key cause of back pain, especially in the lower back, is the kind of chair we use. This, in part, explains why there are so many people with back pain because more people are engaged in office work than we have ever seen in history. This means they have to sit for several hours daily which naturally puts pressure on the back and some other body parts. In addition to this, many of the chairs in workplaces are not comfortable – they do not provide adequate support for the back. 

However, thanks to technology, some offices now have swivel glider recliners that are designed to provide adequate support for the entire back, especially the lumbar region which is the more delicate part. They are designed to follow the natural curve of the spine. This adequate lumbar support helps to minimize back problems which then sets the tone for other benefits.

 Benefits of Selecting The Best Lumbar Support Office Chair

Investing in an office chair that provides adequate lumbar is a necessity. The benefits are numerous, they include:

  •         Better comfort: when the lumbar region is well supported, pressure or strain will not build up in the lower back resting in the enjoyment of better comfort that will see you work several hours without pain.
  •         Pain reliever: when people with back pain issues use office chairs that support the lumbar sufficiently, the pain will be alleviated.
  •         Improved productivity: better comfort, as well as pain reduction, means you can work more hours without feeling it in your body. Hence it becomes easier to set work pace and keep up.
  •         Better quality of life: the ultimate of everything we do is to have a better quality of life. Unfortunately, back pain can take the gloss off the kind of life we lead. By minimizing pain and improving comfort and productivity, we are able to live a better quality of life.

Types of Lumbar Support

There are four types of lumbar support, each of which has its peculiarities, pros, and cons. Understanding the differences will you make better decisions regarding lumbar support.

  •         Fixed lumbar support

This type of lumbar support is engineered into the backrest, leaving no room for modifications or readjustment. Lower end or leather office chairs often feature fix lumbar support.

This is definitely better than not having lumbar support at all. However, it is greatly limited because of the different shapes of the spine which is almost as unique as fingerprints. If the lumbar support isn’t perfect for a person, it could cause more harm than good.

Note: if you are purchasing an office chair with this type of lumbar support then it is very imperative to try it out before the purchase. Ensure the lumbar support fits the curve of your spine.

  •         Adjustable lumbar support

This is the exact opposite of fixed lumbar support, in terms of adjustability. Users can manually adjust the lumbar support to align with the curve and depth of their spine. This gives users a personalized or customized experience. There are different aspects of the lumbar support that can be adjusted:

Height: this lets users set the accurate support point.

Depth: this is to control the bulging of lumbar support

Firmness: this regulates how soft or firm the lumbar support will be

Note: while it may be hard to find an office chair that combines the three aspects of lumbar support discussed above, good office chairs have at least two of them.

  •         Dynamic lumbar support

Office chairs with dynamic lumbar support automatically adjust to the posture of the body, reducing or increasing its firmness and depth to ensure adequate support. It is usually found in high-end office chairs.

Note: this is a highly beneficial lumbar support in that it adjusts to body posture by itself hence covering all positioning.

External lumbar support

The last type of lumbar support is external lumbar support. They act as a cushion and are less expensive than the built-in alternatives. They are more common with gaming chairs. They come in different shapes and sizes hence you can choose your perfect fit.

In conclusion, adequate lumbar support is very important to maintain proper posture, especially during long sitting hours, hence helping to minimize back pain problems and other related issues. Ensure your office chair(s) provides adequate support for your back, particularly the lumbar region.


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