With temperatures rising throughout the week, zookeepers at Tayto Park, located in Ashbourne, Co. Meath are ensuring that all animals are keeping cool, refreshed and having fun in the sun!

Not only are visitors to Tayto Park, Ireland’s only theme park and zoo enjoying the sun, the resident animals at the Tayto Park Zoo are lapping up the warm weather too. This week, animals at Tayto Park enjoyed cool down treats of frozen fresh fruit and fruit skewers which are a favourite among the park’s animals. Fruits are a great way for animals to absorb extra water and keep them hydrated during this warm spell of weather.

Tayto Park offers an exceptional and diverse animal collection which features many conservation dependent species including primates, carnivores and vultures to name a few. This season, visitors to the Tayto Park zoo, can get up close and personal with the latest arrivals at ‘Lemur Woods’, Ireland’s largest lemur walkthrough, the home to 15 ring tailed lemurs. The zoo is home to a variety of animals, including big-cats, meerkats, birds of prey and not to forget the farmyard friends at the parks petting area.

This season, Tayto Park has opened an array of new attractions for all the family to enjoy, those looking for an adrenaline fix can take to the skies on the latest zip line attraction and first of its kind in Europe, ‘The Sky Glider’. Earlier in the season, Ireland’s first flight school coaster for kids, ‘Flight School’ also opened. Visit TaytoPark.ie for more details.

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