Here comes the sun! Or does it? In Northern Ireland it seems it doesn’t matter. Regardless of losing an hour and with or without the sun, Harp® lager is celebrating the clocks springing forward to BST.

The much loved local lager brand today kick started the countdown to summer by issuing a tribute to a ‘Norn Iron’ summer penned by local actor, director and playwright Dan Gordon and the Harp Angel.

From wearing shorts in the cold to barbecuing in the rain, the ‘Give My Head Peace’ star and the Harp Angel pay tribute to the brilliant and uniquely Northern Irish approach to our sometimes, less than appealing summer time.


Renowned for his portrayal of archetypical Northern Irish personalities in TV and stage productions, Dan Gordon said: “The Ode is simply our way of having a laugh at what summer means in Northern Ireland and how the average Harp drinker adapts his take on summer to make sure it’s the best possible one for him and his mates; ignore the rain, enjoy the ‘sun’ – or lack of it, a ‘poke’ in the cold. You’ve heard of an Indian Summer, well here’s the Northern Irish version.”


Clocks changed – rearranged

Wasps hum – summer’s come

Far and wide – sit outside

Barbecue – have a do

In the rain – once again

There’s no folly – get a brolly

Call the lads – bring their Dads

Karaoke – singing’s ropey

Wearing shorts – playing sports

Kicking ball – off the wall

On the beach – easy reach

In the seas – 2 degrees

We don’t care – what we wear

Splash, run – hunt the sun

Chase the cloud – laugh loud

Stand tall – love it all

Run fast – make it last

Make hay – great day

Harp’s to share

– Get out there

Look on the Harp side.

Harp lager will continue its celebration of the countdown to a ‘Norn Iron’ summer this week at with a series of short videos that capture the Top 5 ‘Norn Irish’ Signs Summer’s Getting Closer.

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