Street Art Belfast

Street Art Belfast

Two new pieces of street art have been unveiled by EastSide Partnership as part of the EastSide Urban Gallery project funded by the Urban Villages Initiative in east Belfast.

The Urban Gallery project aims to transform places and spaces using art and creativity and to contribute to Belfast’s growing street and public art offering for residents and visitors to enjoy.

International street artists Nomad Clan, one of street art’s finest female duos, installed ‘Linenopolis’ at the pocket park on Tower Street/ Newtownards Road. The pocket park was a derelict site until it was developed in 2011 by EastSide Partnership. The street art replaces the original canvas flax flowers artwork by Deirdre Robb, which deteriorated from the wall in recent years. Nomad Clan drew inspiration from East Belfast’s rich linen heritage and ‘year of the woman’ to create a dream-like design featuring a modern woman resembling a female flax gatherer. Belfast based artist Friz installed ‘Winter’s End’ at Townsley Street, overlooking C.S. Lewis Square. The Narnian inspired mural depicts the end of the White Witch’s reign and the return of Aslan who will breathe new life into Narnia.

The Urban Villages Initiative is a key action within the Northern Ireland Executive’s ‘Together: Building a United Community’ Strategy. The programme aims are to foster positive community identities; build community capacity and improve the physical environment. The Urban Villages Initiative helps to create thriving places in five areas across Belfast and Derry/Londonderry and together, are making a difference.

Linsey Farrell, Director of the Urban Villages Initiative, commented; “The new street art installations in the EastSide Urban Village will make a positive contribution to the Urban Gallery in the local community there and have a wider impact right across Belfast. Street art like this can really transform an area and will enhance the growing tourism initiative in EastSide.”

Celebrating the official unveiling of the two new street art pieces as part of the EastSide Urban Gallery project Heather Chesney, from EastSide Partnership, said:

“On behalf of EastSide Partnership I would like to thank the Urban Villages Initiative for their support in making this project happen. Their funding has helped to transform places and spaces EastSide. I would also like to thank Seedhead Arts for their involvement in the project and for securing top quality, innovative street artists on our behalf. The art will enhance civic pride, identity and improve the environment for residents and visitors to Belfast and will help ensure east Belfast is contributing to the City’s street art offering.”

For further information on EastSide Partnership and their projects visit or follow on Facebook and Twitter @EastSidePship


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