Steps To Becoming Indispensable In Your Workplace

Recognizably indispensable; for many different reasons, this is what some employees will want to become in their workplace. Before proceeding, note here that there is a practical difference between personal feelings of being indispensable and being recognized as such by your employer or manager.

Obviously, if this should define your personality or fate, there are many interesting benefits attached to it. For example, you may experience some surprise bonuses from time to time.

At other times, this could also result in unexpected special promotions. And that means you will have the opportunity to keep your job longer. Think job security.

However, the challenge is that finding ways to become indispensable isn’t that easy for everyone. Regardless of whether it’s easy or not, my belief is that this could be possible for many people like you. In fact, you are likely to have the potential already. You just need to put it to work.

One interesting fact is that making intentional and consistent effort in this regard will give you an advantage over your peers in a team or company.

Here are some ideas you can try towards becoming indispensable to your employer or manger. Going forward, you may also want to put them to work while working with your peers or colleagues.

Build Complimentary Skill Set

According to James Altucher, idea sex is a situation where two or more separate ideas are combined to form new ideas, strategy or invention. And from my observation, the same thinking pattern can be applied to the act of building complimentary skill set. The point here is that combining two or more related skills will give a rare skill set. And that in turn could mean greater competitive advantage. Think about someone with statistics background going into recruitment with defined growth path leading to people analytics.

Now think again about some separate but related skills that can be useful in your current or future roles within an organization. If are able to unfold some ideas, don’t wait for conventional company training. Go get it.

Do The Unexpected

In this regard I don’t mean you should take some notably expensive actions that could put you or your job at risk. The thing is that you should use common sense or creative thinking to spot some opportunities for adding unexpected value. This could be by way of saving time, saving money or preventing loss or wastage. Perhaps, if you give much attention to spotting such opportunities it becomes easier each time you try.

And then if you go on to add positively desirable but unexpected value, you’ll at the same time be proving possession of valuable skills that many employers are looking for.

To succeed in this regard, don’t just focus on the specific responsibilities that earn you the paycheck. Go the extra mile. You’ll be surprised to discover how your employer or manager will respond to it.

Track Your Own Numbers

While this may be hard in some certain employee performance contexts, it is still possible to find some numbers to measure your personal performance. Probably, your employer or manager already has something of this nature in place. But you still have to measure and understand your own metrics. In practical terms, this will give you the foundation for constant improvement.

If you want to exceed expectations, this is something you must do. Remember, all forms of improvement don’t have to happen by chance.

For people working in the human resource department or role, working with hr management software could be very helpful in this regard. This could help you save time as well.

Help Your Coworkers

Many research studies have found that having strong social support network produces happiness on both sides – the giver and receiver. And in that same line, giving and getting help in the workplace really matters as well. However, in order to make yourself indispensable try helping your coworkers as much as possible. If you see someone stuck or struggling with what you know very well, don’t even wait for them to ask you.

Take the proactive approach to give as much help as you can. Do this enough times and you’ll become remarkable for it. So please don’t allow your own personal struggles to make you forget this.

Choose The Positive Stance

Regardless of how sizable your organization or workplace is, there will always be moments of overwhelming negativity that unfold from time to time. As a matter of fact, how people act and react in those critical moments say a lot about who they are.

Especially in the presence of your direct managers, choosing a positive stance will earn you a lot of respect that will affect many other things. You don’t have to dwell on the negatives.

Assuming you’ll commit to putting this into practice very often, other things that could happen include the following. First, you will be creating circumstances of being indispensable whenever the critical times arise. By practicing this, you may also build up the cognitive ability to bring out positive outcomes from bad situations. Remember that these things don’t happen by chance. Use your creative power.


Beside these options, there are many other ways you can leverage towards becoming indispensable at work. But the main thing is not just about multitude of ideas and strategies on this matter. By taking these as starting foundation, you are very likely to find even more way to succeed in this regard.

In addition to the practices mentioned above, observe the people that prove to be indispensable in your own or other organizations. Endeavor to discover to discover what you can learn from them directly or otherwise.

By building complimentary skill set, you could have a real competitive advantage that would influence your employer to retain you longer than others. Help your coworkers and track your performance numbers from time to time. Don’t forget to choose the positive stance when it matters most.

By doing all or some of these things, you’ll go beyond merely feeling indispensable on your own to being recognizably indispensable.

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