Spectacular fiery river battle to mark the end of the #LegenDerry Maritime Festival

Spectacular fiery river battle to mark the end of the LegenDerry

The biggest pyrotechnics display in the North West this year will light up the River Foyle on Saturday, as a massive fire and water show marks the end of the LegenDerry Maritime Festival.

A huge fiery battle between two pirate ships will be accompanied by a specular aquatic fireworks finale on Queen’s Quay to close the weeklong festivities which have had the eyes of the world watching.

The dramatic ceremony is the brain child of well-known local man Donal Neill, from Pains Fireworks, who was involved in the Clipper Race stopover event in the city in 2012:

“The fireworks display back in 2012 was, then, one of the biggest that Derry had ever seen so to get the chance to top that will be an absolutely incredible experience.

“The fireworks will have a maritime theme and will burn on the water with haunting, ghostly music so it will be a remarkable sight.

“Tied in with that we will have a narrative piece from a pirate who will speak about “dead men telling no tales”, followed by the theatrical stand-off between two eight-metre tall galleons. It’s all about thinking outside the box to make this hugely memorable.”

Donal is no stranger to working on some of Ireland’s most prominent events, including the opening of the 2011 Europa League Final and the main St Patrick’s Day celebrations, but says it’s his local knowledge will which make Saturday’s event outstanding:

“We are an international company but we are based in Derry so we live in the city, work in the city and know the city inside out.

“Just because we are local, doesn’t mean we are small. The wider Pains Fireworks group has carried out some of the largest displays in the UK, and indeed, the world.

“We know what’s capable of the river, we know the site better than anyone and most importantly, we know exactly what the audience wants, but also how to shock the audience. It will be a sight to behold.”

The farewell finale will begin at 10pm on Queen’s Quay. Park and Stride facilities are available at Fort George. For more information, visit www.legenderrymaritimefestival.com

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