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The month of September in Ireland has been dedicated ‘Sleeptember’, with a campaign backed by sleep expert, Sleep, designed to provide advice on good sleep and its health benefits.

As children go back to school and college, workers return to offices, and our pandemic nightmare eases, Sleeptember is a month to focus on the restorative power of good sleep.

The wellbeing initiative is supported by Des Kelly Interiors and was launched by TV presenter, Emer O’Neill, the newest star of RTÉ’s Today Show and a former presenter on Home School Hub.

The working mum-of-two young children says it’s no surprise that parents juggling school runs and the children’s schedule, alongside work and running a home, are frequently sleep deprived.

“Where possible, an early night is the best healthy regime a parent can adopt.  Rest strengthens the body and mind, and boosts our immune system and energy.  And, let’s face it, when we’re tired and cranky, we’re not at our best with the kids or in work”, the bubbly presenter adds.

The media campaign will feature healthy sleep habits and more specific advice for individuals with particular sleep challenges.  Sleep expert Tom Coleman will report on his new study on athletic performance linked to quality sleep, as well as the importance of children’s sleep routines, advice for pregnancy and menopause, and the sleep needs of the elderly.

Dream analyser, Ian Wallace, makes sense of our crazy Covid dreams, and there are competitions to win personal dream analysis, as well as information on the latest hi-tech beds and mattresses to ensure comfortable rest.

All of the sleep tips, analysis and snooze-inducing facts are to be found on

Des Kelly Interiors is having its Big Sleeptember Bed Sale at branches countrywide, and is generously donating to Focus Ireland based on mattress sales during the month.

Sleep coach, Tom Coleman, a consultant at Des Kelly Interiors is qualified in health science, nutrition and exercise physiology.  He has spent years working in sleep analysis linked to health and wellbeing, and says good quality sleep is recognised as a key component in the success and performance of elite athletes, military personnel and top business people.

We should be spending 36% of our lives sleeping, the most time humans will dedicate to any one single biological activity, the sleep expert explains.

“From immunity to body composition, emotional health and cognitive function, our brain reboots as we sleep, and tissue repair occurs.  Sleep is regarded as a powerful health promoting behaviour that can be harnessed by everyone”.

Greg Kelly, Managing Director of Des Kelly Interiors, says Sleeptember is in response to mounting medical evidence that good sleep is crucial to health and wellbeing.

“A comfortable bed can be important to help reduce stress, boost our brain-power and immune system, and even our life expectancy.   Tom Coleman is working with our team to help people understand how significant sleep is, so they can make informed decisions about their bed, their support, and their sleep environment which, ultimately, can make them healthier and happier”.

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