Should I Use Home Automation?

The answer to that question is that you probably already are. Our household appliances have become increasingly automated almost without us noticing and with the increasing ubiquity of smart phones and virtual assistants like Alexa, a fully automated home is really much closer than you might think. Using smart devices in your home can save you time and money, they can bring convenience to your busy schedule and they can bring you peace of mind. So, let’s take a look at some of the ways in which you might start to introduce automation into your home.

Simple and inexpensive

If you think that having an automated home means that you have to convert your home into something that looks like the Starship Enterprise, then think again. Most devices have the potential to connect to the internet, it’s known as the internet of things. The simple and inexpensive addition of some smart plugs will allow to control devices from your smart phone, Alexa, Google Nest or Sonos. Smart bulbs will enable you to turn lighting on and off, remotely.

Automation for economy

Automating your heating and lighting systems will help you save money. Instead of keeping your heating on all day, in order to ensure a warm home when you get back, you can control when the heating comes on from your smart phone. That means that if you’re delayed at work you can delay putting the heating on or maybe it’s going to be a much warmer evening and you won’t need it all. Automated lighting means that lights don’t get left on and that you are only using lights where you need them.  Smart blinds with sunlight sensors mean that you’ll always get the benefit of the natural light available.

Automation for convenience

Automation is great for remembering all of those things that you might forget to do. A smart irrigation system will deliver water only when it’s required, saving you time and money and smart pet feeders will ensure that your pets never go hungry or thirsty if you are late back from work.

Automation for security

There are many ways in which automation can make your home a more secure environment. Smart locks mean that you’ll never ever need to call out a locksmith again. Activated by voice control or fingerprint, they can also be controlled from your smartphone, so that if you need to let someone into your house when you are not there, you can do so. Wireless security cameras mean that you can keep an eye on your home, wherever you are and if you want to give the illusion of being at home when you are not there, you can do so by remote control of your lighting. Smart sensors will detect high carbon monoxide levels, gas leaks or fire and will turn off supply and activate alarms.

Should you have an automated home? Of course, you should.

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