Setting Up A Home Office To Maximize Productivity

A home office is becoming more and more important as many people choose the work from home option. But designing a home office is no easy task – one mistake and that clam and productive workspace simply will not live up to expectations. And that mistake is going to affect your working life every single day. The best home office designs will allow you to be productive for the entire day – but will also be well organized and minimalist enough to avoid distractions.

Setting Up A Home Office To Maximize Productivity

Try to avoid setting up your home office in areas of the house where there is a large amount of foot traffic – it will only distract you. Also choose your paint carefully, stick with soothing colours to enhance a sense of calm. Be sure that there is at least one window in your home office space – it will provide not only a sense of space, but also a sense of freedom. Plant some small shrubs or even flowering plants and this gives a sense of serenity and peace, while at the same time not distracting you from your daily tasks. Paint the area outside your window using some exterior wood paint.

The Importance Of Organization

Every person who has experience of a home office environment will tell you that they tend to get very messy, very quickly. The challenge is setting aside enough time to think through those ideas and implement them. The key to keeping things organized is thinking and planning ahead. Consider what is working for you in your home. If you are using digital storage devices do you really need a huge number of filing cabinets? Make sure that you design a home office that is going to work in the long term. It’s not necessary however to pare everything down to the bare essentials – you’re just going to end up with a workspace that feels sterile.

The Importance Of Comfort

A comfortable office worker is a happy and productive one. You are not going to be able to focus if you are suffering from an aching back or if you end up suffering from eye strain from looking at an inadequate computer screen. Invest that little bit more in your office chair. It’ll help with your posture and avoid long term health issues. If you find yourself getting fidgety at the desk maybe a standing desk would increase productivity and focus. If you have space, put one up in the corner (in addition to your normal desk). You can improve your computer experience with the addition of an anti-glare screen that you can adjust to meet your individual preferences.

Avoid Distractions

A great home office is one of the keys to long term success. That will mean avoiding those pain points that may lead to lost productivity. Make sure that each and every item in the office actually needs to be there. Is it contributing to productivity or is it simply a distraction? That piece of decor, that desk toy or that bean bag – is it really necessary?

Light Up Your Life

Old school fluorescent lighting makes for an unpleasant working environment – study after study has shown that. They were a cheap solution, but they provide light that is sterile and unwelcoming. Today we spend vast amounts of time staring at a computer screen and documents of all types – old school lighting places strain on the eyes and it becomes very difficult to focus. Natural light is the answer – but there are also a number of bulbs and light fittings that can mimic the effect of natural light.

These are five simple ways that you can increase your productivity when working from your home office – and make it a more pleasant experience.

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