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Northern Ireland based cycling technology company See.Sense is getting set to ignite the cycling world with the launch of a bike light which will be light years ahead of others. ICON, an intelligent and connected bike light, connects to smartphones to offer the rider an unrivalled set of features to help enhance and protect their cycling experience.  As with their inaugural light, See.Sense intelligent bike light, the company will launch ICON on the crowd funding platform Kickstarter this week.  Building on the success they have achieved since they started in 2013, See Sense is aiming for ICON to take the business to a whole new level.

ICON’s clever features include: alerts against potential theft; a crash alert function to immediately alert the cyclist’s nominated contact of a crash as well as reacting to road conditions to make cyclists more visible.  ICON also has the potential to collect data that can be used for smart cities initiatives such as early pothole identification and recording near misses and accidents.  The light, designed and built in Northern Ireland, offers councils and municipalities never before seen crowd-sourced data that that will help all users have a safer journey.

Along with customer feedback on their inaugural bike light, the company has applied five years of development and research to build ICON.  It’s the only bike light in the world that can react to roundabouts, road-junctions and even to approaching car headlights. ICON has daylight visible level brightness and CREE LED’s with advanced optics to give the rider excellent focus as well as side illumination. All of these features with a superb run-time of more than 15 hours in a lightweight, compact package.



Philip McAleese, CEO and Co-founder said,

 “ See.Sense is delighted to launch ICON, which we hope will re-ignite a cycling revolution. Not only does ICON enhance the cycling experience by opening up a world of possibilities through a smartphone, but it has the potential to empower cyclists to influence councils and municipalities to improve cycling infrastructure and roads to benefit everyone. Our inaugural light See.Sense 2.0 captured the imagination of cyclists and media around the world and with the overwhelming success and support on Kickstarter we hope that ICON will take See.Sense to the next level.”

Co-founder, Irene McAleese added,

 “Increasing cycling participation is one of the best things that we can do for our cities.  But there are challenges, especially for urban cyclists. We’ve designed ICON to help cyclists meet these challenges. The team at See.Sense is excited to launch the highly innovative ICON cycle light and with more products in pipeline we are proud to say that See.Sense is a company with a bright future.”

See.Sense will launch on Kickstarter at 6pm on Thursday, 24th September.  The light is already in production, and backers can receive their light as early as November, 2015.  Pricing on Kickstarter will be at a significant discount to future retail price, with early bird discounts starting at £39 for a rear light or £74 for a set.  For further information visit

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