The changing face of scratch card games

A few years ago, if you had asked anyone how they played a scratch card game, they would most likely tell you about buying one of those lotto tickets where you use a coin or a pen to reveal prizes under the silver boxes.

Scratchcards are often sitting close to the till in a shop so that you might buy one as an afterthought when you’ve got whatever you came into the shop for. It’s a quick bit of fun that just might win you a big cash prize. And sometimes the prize values on scratch cards are staggering. Just this year, a man in Belfast won an incredible £4 million on a scratch card.

Ross Hearst had an amazing streak of scratch card luck (and that’s putting it mildly). He bought a scratch card on 5th January and won £20. He then bought two more, winning another £20 and then £10. The next day, he was actually planning on buying something to eat when he decided to buy a £10 scratch card, which happened to be the last one in the shop. That’s when he struck 1 in 4,347,890 odds and won the jackpot – £4 million. The win couldn’t have come at a better time for the Belfast road worker and his partner – they are due to become parents for the first time in April.

There have been plenty of other big scratch card wins in recent years, but while physical scratch cards are still popular, there’s an easier way to play them today as you can play them online at all kinds of different gaming and casino sites. And some would say that the experience is even better, especially for those times when you aren’t lucky enough to have a win. Online scratch cards are more entertaining than the physical ones because they have amazing graphics as well as offering the potential to win great prizes.

And when you just want the fun of playing without paying for the privilege there are plenty of free scratchcard games you can play online too. To save hunting around for the free games, find them quickly and easily by checking out a site like, which has a page devoted to information on free scratchcard games. The site also has reviews of all the latest scratch cards and the best places to play them at.

As with online slots, online scratch cards come in all kinds of themes. There are many based around film and TV characters. In the Captain America scratch card, to win a prize you need to get three matching symbols in a row or column. In the Rocky game, there are pictures of three of Rocky’s opponents to choose to scratch. Pick one and watch the video to see if Rocky knocks out his opponent. If he does, you win the prize. You can then scratch the others to see what would have happened, but it’s only your first choice that counts for a prize.

Playing a scratch card has always been an exciting way to have a quick gamble. For a small stake there’s the potential to win a huge cash sum. Now that you can play online, it’s even easier to have some scratch card fun whenever you want it.

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