Reliable Health and Medical Review Websites You Should Check Out

When most people feel unwell, they often look up what the symptoms they are experiencing could indicate before going to a doctor. This usually is because they are curious to know whether the issue will pass or if there is a cause for concern. It is simply a way of assessing how dangerous it could be. Knowing how serious the symptoms are can help you determine whether you need to rush to the hospital as soon as possible or if you can schedule an appointment with your regular physician.

The challenge you might face when you are in this situation is not knowing whether the information you are getting from the internet is reliable or not. You don’t want to underestimate what you are dealing with and end up being worse off. At the same time, you don’t want to go into a panic when it could be a much simpler diagnosis than you thought. This is why we have gathered a list of some of the most reliable medical information websites that you could use for consultation on your symptoms. These valuable sources will also give you updates on the latest medical trials concerning a disease that you or a loved one is battling, as well as different solutions for any medical issues that you may be dealing with.

This website contains information about different health conditions, symptoms, and product guides that you could browse easily. This site which you can visit here should be in your bookmark folder as it offers reliable information on different health-related topics. Plus, the fact that they have various articles covering different conditions and medications written by professionals in the healthcare and medical field can help you resolve all your medical issues and needs.

American Cancer Society

This cancer-centered website gives afflicted patients and their loved access to the latest information concerning the disease. It also provides information on the latest clinical trials, different symptoms that they may face, and even ways to detect whether you might have cancer or not by providing simple guides on self-checkups. This society prides itself on fighting cancer through research, education, patient care, and rehabilitation. So, any information you find on the website is bound to be well researched and not haphazardly thought up.


This website is designed for doctors, so it is bound to have precise medical information that is not misleading like other websites on the internet might be. The one thing that differentiates this website from the rest is that you need a subscription to be able to access the medical information, which is a pro because this means that the information is reliable, but is also a con because sometimes you just want to find out what is wrong with you right away and you might not have time to go through the subscription process.

Hardin MD

This is one of the most useful websites because it is an educational one. This can be deduced from its web handle that ends in (.edu). The website has hundreds, if not thousands, of links providing all kinds of reliable health and medical information as well as photos to help you find out what you might be facing and get a self-diagnosis that is as accurate as possible.


This website had to be included on any list of reliable medical websites because not only can you check your symptoms and conditions on there, but you can also find the different procedures people with these conditions undergo to get better. Another plus is that it offers a pill identifying tool that you could use to identify different medications and get accurate descriptions of each medicine as well as its possible side effects.

Medline Plus

It is safe to say that this website has reliable medical information on it because it is an official website that ends in (.gov) and is part of the National Library of Medicine, which is the largest medical library in the world. This website prides itself on providing relevant and factual health-related information in English and Spanish to anyone for free.

This website is mainly created for pharmacists as it lists all of the ingredients found in medicine as well as any relevant information such as recommended dosage according to age and possible side effects. Because this website is meant for professionals, you can trust that the information found on it is highly reliable.

MedPage Today

This is another website that mainly addresses professionals, but unlike the previous one, MedPage Today targets physicians and doctors. This website contains all the latest trials and medical breakthroughs, new conditions, and even different reviews on medical procedures that are quite helpful.

These medical reviews and health websites are bound to make it easier for you to find out what the symptoms you are experiencing may indicate. You can also find out if you need to consult a doctor right away, and whether it is possible to just treat your condition with over-the-counter drugs or if you require specific medicine prescribed by a professional.

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