How To Prolong The Life Of Your Washing Machine 

A washing machine is an essential investment as it saves time and also keeps a household cleaner. Though the appliance can endure constant use, it still has a high level of wear and tear. It is, therefore, prudent to find means of which to prolong the shelf life of the appliance or at least ensure it reaches the required life expectancy. Discussed below are some of the measures you could use to increase the life of your washing machine;

Empty the Pockets

It’s important to check and empty the pockets of clothes before throwing them into the washing machine. Some items such as coins, keys, and key rings can damage some machine parts such as the drum. These objects may also get stuck in the drain pump, and this would stop proper drainage. It is prudent to empty pockets as metallic objects can cause adverse malfunctions like water leaks, block the drainage or destroy it. In some instances, the machine can be a write-off from the severe damage caused by such items. In addition to emptying pockets, remove loose items such as buttons, zipper pulls, and belts. When washing underwired bras, put them in a laundry bag to protect the machine. 

Clean the Vent and Lint Filter

Clean the lint filter after you are done with the wash as it will keep the machine efficient. A clogged lint trap slows and strains the appliance when in use and may cause other mechanical problems on other parts. A clogged machine slows down the process of drying clothes as air is trapped within, and this consumes more power. To clean the lint filter is a very minimal task; you can clean it yourself, however, it is essential as it prolongs the life of your machine. Clearing the vent prevents a fire as the air from the vent is hot, and the lint trapped in the filter is very flammable.  

Avoid Too Much Detergent

More than the required quantity of detergent will not make clothes cleaner than they would be if you use the right amount. Follow instructions on the detergent’s label, and never exceed the limit. The recommended measurements are calculated based on washing machine specifications. The use of extra detergent leaves marks on your clothes and a foul odor in the machine. Rinsing clothes with too much detergent requires a lot of water. The excess water may end up in the inner parts of the appliance and affect the components. If you get a new machine, start with a small quantity of soap, continue increasing measurement until you establish the amount that efficiently cleans your clothes. It will prolong the life of your machine. mount

Do not Overload the Machine 

Overloading the washing machine reduces its life expectancy and may cause many malfunctions. When clothes are wet, they become heavier, which affects the efficiency of the appliance. It also increases the wear and tear as the appliance strains to operate under a heavy load. For the machines to clean clothes thoroughly, the laundry needs space to move around within the washer. To avoid these challenges, spread out the laundry to small loads as they will clean well, faster, and the appliance will operate at the optimum level. You will as well prolong its life. Underloading is also not good as it wastes power, water, and soap and makes the appliance noisy. 

Do Not Keep Wet Clothes In The Machine 

Remove the wet clothes from the machines as soon as they get washed. Clothes left longer in the washing machine get a funky odor, mildew, and may be damaged. No amount of water can remove the moldy smell clothes acquire when left in the washer for too long. You might have to rewash the clothes to get rid of the smell. It is advisable to set a reminder to alert you when a wash cycle is over. Some of the latest models of washing machines have an alert application. When you leave clothes in the appliance for long, they may grow mold and mildew. The same mold will grow in the dryer and affect its efficiency and reduce life expectancy. 

A washing machine is an expensive house asset that is also essential to the family. Therefore, any measure taken to prolong its life is necessary. The above guidelines will be helpful as you use your appliance. Applying them will ensure you get efficient services and a long period of use. You will also protect your laundry from damage, save money as you will use the appliance for a longer time, incur fewer repair costs, and save on utility bills such as power and detergents. 


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