Pokémon GO will arrive in Belfast in a few days!


The number one FREE app in America and the biggest mobile app of the year is still not available in the UK, with conflicting rumours about whether it’ll be out this week or not.

Pokémon GO was released in Australia, New Zealand, and the US last Wednesday with overwhelming success. The developer Niantic has to ‘pause’ the rollout to other countries, until they’re ‘comfortable’ with how the game is working in the US.

Connection problems have bugged the app ever since it launched, and things would only get worse if they went ahead with a global launch straight away.

Pokemon Go encourages people to go outside and walk around until they run into a Pokémon, or find locations that can provide supplies. When they do that, they can choose to capture the animals and store them in their app. Going outside for some people though has already caused some stories. For example a teenager stumbled across a dead body while out searching for Pokemon!!!

If you want to get the app now follow these simple instructions..

  • Log out of the App Store on your iPhone by tapping on Apple ID and Sign Out
  • Change your region to the US in Settings > General > Language & Region > Region
  • Go to the US Pokémon Go App Store listing and tap on Change Store
  • Install the app as normal
  • When prompted create a new US iTunes account and select None for billing information
  • Verify your email address
  • Go back to the US Pokémon listing and install the app using your US iTunes account

Once Pokémon Go has been installed you can log back out of the App Store in the same way you did at the start, change back your region and sign back in using your normal iTunes account.

Android users can easily sideload the app, but must verify that they downloaded the app from a safe source and verify that it does not ask for permissions not required by the original game. Permissions can be found in Settings > Apps >Pokémon Go > Permissions.

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