Cuba Clothing Guide: Fashion Tips from Peaky Blinders

Peaky Blinders Fashion

Peaky Blinders Fashion Cuba Cothing

On-screen fiction can spawn some interesting influences on fashion. Every so often, an example of film or television comes along which attracts the attention of the male fashionwear.

Over recent years, the arrival of Tommy Shelby and his gang of Peaky Blinders to our screens has captured the gaze of men across the UK who have bravely attempted to revive that ‘look’: the side-shaded, sharp-collared style enforced by leather works boots, heavy materials and the classic cloth cap. When it comes to emulating the look of your favourite characters, exercise caution – you don’t want to overdo this one. Check out Cuba Clothing’s guide to nailing that Tommy Shelby look.

Peaky Blinders Fashion

The Coat

Heavy, warm and rich in wool, the classic oversized coat is a must-have for those wanting an elegant and sophisticated finish. Like Tommy Shelby, you can match the coat with a three-piece suit – of course, you can always opt for keeping it more relaxed with a subtly-coloured jumper and some denim. Herringbone, check and other heritage patterns can add that much-desired air of authenticity to your outfit. If you can’t get your hands on these fabrics, muted, dull colours will work: think shades of black, green and charcoal.

The Layers

When it comes to nailing that Brummie gangster look without raising eyebrows, it’s all about the layers. Cillian Murphy and the gentlemen of the Peaky Blinders typically layer the classic overcoat with a matching tweed waistcoat. Of course, going for the full three piece may make your style look exaggerated and posed. For a street-friendly alternative, opt for a flannel blazer, or invest in some corduroy. The key here is to keep it classic – balance the heritage granted by wool flannel and corduroy with contemporary trends. Looking good in as a 2018 Peaky Blinder requires more discretion.

The Shirt

The Shelby boys like to rule Birmingham in style. The round-collared shirt is a central part of this style, and the crisp, white garment is traditionally worn buttoned to the neck. For the modern situation, club collar shirts can add a greater degree of dimension to a slim-fitting suit. Stylist, penny collar shirts feature a smaller, rounder collar and looks great as part of a collection or with a pair of jeans. Regardless of your choice of style, keep it crisp, keep it white and keep it subtle.

The Trousers

There are plenty of takes on this style, and it’s not hard to see why. Thomas Shelby goes for the instantly-recognisable cropped trousers. There are plenty of takes on this style: go more authentic with a matching waistcoat or vest, or go preppy-casual with brogues and a simple shirt or jumper. Regardless, keeping the fitting trim and tailored is important when hitting the right tones of this look. Matching the trousers with boots is essential…

The Boots

Any outfit in the style of Thomas Shelby’s Peaky Blinders wouldn’t be complete without the trademark industrial-style work boots. Leather stitched, thick-soled and black, these boots are for more than just keeping your enemies in line. Robust with a hint of chic, these boots can complete an outfit in a number of ways. Donning this footwear with black jeans is a classic combination. Otherwise, mix things up with more formal garments, or experiment with a slim fit suit. The right choice of work boot will look presentable without going overboard.

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