Paul McGrath Delivers Pizza and a Surprise to Superfans


– Football fans get the surprise of their lives when Paul McGrath delivers their Domino’s order –

A group of ten mates were left gobsmacked when they answered the door to the pizza delivery guy, only to find football legend, Paul McGrath, on the doorstep with their Domino’s.

Padraig Pendred responded to a Tweet from Domino’s and gathered his friends for the ultimate surprise ahead of the Republic’s first Euros game against Sweden.

He said: “My mates are the ultimate football and Domino’s fans, so I thought it was a great idea to surprise them.  I invited them over for some pre-match pizzas and when the doorbell rang, we all dived for the door.  When they saw Paul with the pizzas, it was hilarious!”.

Paul has created his very own Domino’s Pizza Legend the ‘Ooh Ahh Paul Pizzahh’ with pepperoni, ham, chicken, onion and tomato with cheese on a classic base.  Fans can order the ‘Ooh Ahh Paul Pizzahh’ on or create their very own Pizza Legend on the same site.

Paul McGrath spoke at the extraordinary delivery saying “It’s time for celebration.  People are thinking back to ’88 and ’90 and across the country there will be street parties to show our pride and support for the Irish team.  It will be hectic in Ireland during the Euros.  While we’re going into this as the underdogs, we can beat these guys so they better bring their A-game as we’ll be bringing ours.  This is such a great time for family and friends and so what better way to celebrate than with a Domino’s”

John Sanfey got the “shock if his life”. He said “It took me a couple of seconds when I opened the door.  I was awestruck and totally delighted.  Paul McGrath is my all time football hero so what better way to kick off the Euros than to have him delivering freshly baked Domino’s to my friends and me!”

According to a recent poll by Domino’s, 15%* of people in Ireland and England think the Republic of Ireland will win UEFA Euro 2016.