5 Reasons Why You’ll Love This New NI Website : Outmore NI

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Outmore NI is a website dedicated to outdoor trails and places across Northern Ireland. There are loads of reasons to love this site, but we’ve listed our 5 favourite ones below!


  1. It Has HUNDREDS of Trails Across Northern Ireland


The main feature of Outmore NI is the interactive map, which showcases a huge number of outdoor locations across Northern Ireland, including 480 walking trails, 124 cycling trails, 18 mountain biking trails, and 9 canoe trails. There are also 22 beaches, 82 parks, 26 nature reserves, 43 forests and 41 other venues included on the map.

That is a lot of outdoor places waiting to be discovered. If you went to one outdoor trail or venue on the map every week, it would take over 16 years to visit them all (I know right?). It’s time to start exploring what’s on your doorstep!

  1. Outmore NI’s Mapping is Ultra-Modern


Outmore NI’s mapping was built with Ordinance Survey NI’s platform and the mapping is so modern that it scales down literally to an inch (yes you read that right – go check it out for yourself if you don’t believe us!). The mapping is easy to navigate, extremely quick, and highly intuitive. Each dot on the map below represents an outdoor place or trail in Northern Ireland.

Clicking on a dot brings up the route or location in more detail. Take the Peatlands Woodland Walk for example, which you can see below. The site immediately brings up an overview of the route, represented by the orange line. When you click on the trail, it then brings up more information about wherever it is you’re going, including how to get there, parking information and the site’s facilities.

  1. It’s Mobile Friendly

So you’re hooked to Outmore NI and have decided to take on the Coast Road cycling trail. Super! One of the great things about Outmore NI is that if you stop for a coffee, you can easily check your phone for other trails that are along the way. The website has been built to be mobile friendly, meaning information on other trails or outdoor places is close at hand and easy to find.

  1. Let Nature Capture Your Imagination


There is much more to discover on Outmore NI than the walking, cycling and canoe trails. The website also helps you to explore forests, nature reserves, beaches and other outdoor locations, all on your own doorstep or perhaps further afield in Northern Ireland.

  1. Sites Like This Are Few and Far Between

Websites like Outmore NI which promote such a wealth of information on outdoor trails and places are a rarity. It was created with the sole purpose of helping people to get active and outdoors. The combination of high tech interactive mapping along with useful and easy to access information make this site a phenomenon in its own right. Take inspiration from its resources and start discovering Northern Ireland’s incredible outdoors!

Mountainbike NI Davagh


OutmoreNI was created by Outdoor Recreation Northern Ireland, with support from SportNI, NIEA and Ordnance Survey Northern Ireland.

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