Omniplex Opens State-Of-The-Art 7 Screen Cinema in Omagh

Omagh Cinema

Omagh Cinema

Omniplex Cinemas, Ireland’s largest multiplex cinema chain has officially launched their new state of the art 7 screen cinema with a glamorous opening evening last Thursday. The £5 million investment includes an OmniplexMAXX screen, the first Premium Large Format screen for County Tyrone.

The new 35,000 sq foot development will host over 1,100 patrons at full capacity with a range of new restaurants including dinosaur themed ‘Rexy Jacks’ and American filling station themed ‘Hill Billy Fuel’.

The cinema also features a brand new soft-serve ice cream called ‘Divils’ allowing customers to customise their ice cream with up to 24,000 combinations between special toppings & sauces. Omniplex Omagh is also the first Omniplex cinema to feature a ‘Click & Collect Station’ allowing customers to skip the queues when ordering their cinema treats online!

The OmniplexMAXX screen is the largest in the country standing at 18.7m x 10.2m, over twice the height of two double decker buses. Omniplex provides the ultimate cinema experience available, immersing the viewer in the movie using three key features; screen, sound and seats.  OmniplexMAXX features a giant, curved silver screen, red leather rocker seats, 4K laser digital projection for optimal viewing pleasure, and a Dolby Atmos sound system, the most advanced sound system available, filling the room with ‘moving audio’.

Speaking about the launch, Paul John Anderson, Director of Omniplex Group (NI) said: “We are delighted to officially launch Omniplex Omagh. Today cinema has become so much more than simply watching a movie.  Bespoke leather seating, designed with the utmost comfort in mind, the size and structure of the screens along with the latest in high tech sound technology, help transport the viewer into what becomes a completely immersive film experience in an Omniplex Cinema. The addition of our largest OmniplexMAXX screen means that the people of Omagh and surrounding areas can claim one of the best cinema experience offerings in the country.”

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