NI Maternal Mental Health Conference
Nuala Murphy, CEO and founder of Moment Health, has joined volunteers Michelle Bradley, Lindsay Robinson, Seana Talbot and Catherine McCusker to bring the first maternal mental health conference of its kind to Riddell Hall, Belfast, on 3 May.​
NI Maternal Mental Health Conference
Nuala Murphy, CEO and founder of Moment Health, has joined volunteers Michelle Bradley, Lindsay Robinson, Seana Talbot and Catherine McCusker to bring the first maternal mental health conference of its kind to Riddell Hall, Belfast, on 3 May.​

During Maternal Mental Health Week, Moment Health will sponsor the first sold out Maternal Mental Health Conference in United Kingdom and Ireland bringing together health professionals with the express purpose of tackling maternal mental health and related illnesses.

Nuala Murphy, founder of Moment Health, and the volunteers she is collaborating with to host the first conference of its kind on these shores, are all driven by the same passion and urgency to help others to make maternal mental health mainstream.

Nuala Murphy said: “There is real power in purpose as demonstrated in the collaborative approach being taken in order to deliver this conference to mark Maternal Mental Health Week.

“At Moment Health we are resolute in saving the lives of mothers who may otherwise fear they have nowhere to turn. We only have to consider that the conference has sold out together with findings of recent research from King’s College London to realise the prevalence of maternal mental health in society, as the findings show that one in four women will develop mental ill health in pregnancy.  At Moment Health we are committed to helping one mum at a time whilst being mindful of the shocking fact that 23% of women who died between six weeks and one year after pregnancy died from maternal health related issues.”

The conference is bringing together bright minds from the health service, third sector and those who are benefiting from the services offered, to explore ways in which they can educate and collaborate with each other to minimise the impact that perinatal mental illness has on mothers and families.

Joining Nuala to deliver the conference, Lindsay Robinson of Have You Seen That Girl and volunteers from National Childbirth Trust, Sure Start and PANGS (Post and Antenatal Group Support) NI all believe the conference will provide an insightful and informative approach with speakers from a variety of backgrounds including keynote speaker Professor Siobhan O’Neill from Ulster University who will be speaking about the long term impact of perinatal mental illness on children.

Professor O’Neill said: “I am excited to have the opportunity to discuss my insights as a new mother, and mental health researcher, at this ground breaking conference. I look forward to sharing some of my research findings on transgenerational trauma in Northern Ireland, and my thoughts on how, by nurturing the mental wellbeing of mothers, we can create a healthier and more productive Northern Ireland.”

Lindsay Robinson said: “I’m thrilled to be part of the conference and delighted to join with the others to highlight Maternal Mental Health, once again, in Northern Ireland. We are a volunteer team, collaborating together, as we believe it’s vital to raise awareness; champion and celebrate the fantastic support that already takes place; and to continue to campaign for improvement/investment in future services. I’m excited about the event, with the many passionate people it will bring together and the potential this has to make a significant difference to maternal mental health in Northern Ireland.”

Volunteer Michelle Bradley said: “I’m so proud to be involved with this conference especially as it’s grassroots led and it shows what can be achieved when a group of passionate people work together for change. This conference will really highlight the need for improved services in Northern Ireland as well as recognising the fantastic work being done by people on the ground to ensure the best outcomes for women across the province.”

Seana Talbot of Sure Start said: “”I’m delighted to be involved in this exciting grassroots initiative. Each of us is directly involved in campaigning for better services, and we share a passion about the importance of highlighting maternal mental health and its importance to society. Women matter. Mothers matter. Women have the right to services that meet their needs, and the needs to their families. #MakingItMainstream is essential if women’s needs – and that of their partners and families – are met. Both NCT and Sure Start will continue to do all they can to support the woman and babies and families that we work with, but more is needed. This is #EveryonesBusiness.”

National Childbirth Trust Volunteer Catherine McCusker said: “I’m pleased to have been asked to be part of the conference.  It shows what can be achieved when like minded women volunteer together to raise awareness of important issues. It is an exciting opportunity for like minded people to come together in one room and by collaboration improve and make that difference to Maternal Mental Health in Northern Ireland that will improve lives. It’s also a chance to celebrate the many healthcare professionals and women that are already making that difference.”

NI Maternal Mental Health Conference –

Moment Health is a technology company tackling maternal mental health to make it mainstream. The Moment Health App is available to download free from Apple Store and Google Play.

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