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Parenthood is something we’re expected to enjoy every moment of, and many parents do. But for some it can be the darkest times where sleep deprivation, loneliness and isolation, as well as often anxiety and depression, can leave mums and dads feeling there is nowhere to turn.

The prevalence of antenatal or postnatal depression and associated anxieties is evident in the data regarding sufferers – 20% of women and 10% of men – and the shocking figure that 23% of women who died between six weeks and one year after pregnancy died from mental health related issues.

To tackle this, help all parents and especially offer support to parents at risk, Moment Health is the #1 UK health and fitness app, and is free to download.

Moment Health equips parents with the tools and knowledge you need to sustain good mental health and recover from illness, such as

• a checker to help you take next steps
• a tracker for keeping a journal of your emotions
• a community for connection and companionship
• a locator for finding helpful resources.

Technology company Moment Health exists to prioritise Maternal Mental Health and make it mainstream. Developed with clinicians and healthcare professionals, the Moment Health app screens for perinatal, postnatal and associated anxieties. It includes features to better the lives of mums and dads who all deserve the best of care.

Nuala Murphy, CEO of Moment Health, said: “We believe in the power of positive technology and Moment Health offers a solution to tackling maternal mental health from pregnancy to parenthood for mums and dads. Frighteningly perinatal mental health costs the UK £8.1 billion a year and research shows that 70% of women admit they hide or downplay symptoms of mental illness but with early intervention there is an 80-90% recovery rate. Moment Health provides better access to mental health resources and allows users and their clinicians to take the right steps towards recovery.”

Moment Health app is available now to download free from:
Apple Store:
Google Play:,,,, #makeitmainstream.

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