New KickStarter Campaign: Piece NI, online magazine showcasing Northern Ireland’s food, drink, people and places.


Brought to you by Chef Brian Donnelly and Jenny Holland

Piece is an on-line magazine that wants to tell the story of a vibrant new Northern Ireland through showcasing its food, drink, people and places. We believe that Northern Ireland offers a truly unique visitor experience and that the full story is not yet being told. We intend to change that.

Ours has been a sometimes difficult history, but that’s just one small part of who we are. Before and since, we’ve been entrepreneurial, industrious and influential in science, industry and literature. Now it’s the time for Northern Irish food to have its moment in the sun. (If the sun ever stuck around NI for more than 5 minutes at a time, but not even the Internet can fix that!)

That’s why we want to create Piece, an online magazine shop and production house that will tell the world what we’re about.

We want to tell the stories of the makers, growers, chefs, and hosts who make NI such a great place to visit, live and shop in. From ceramics to Mourne Mountain honey, from blue cheese to gin, from seaweed baths to rally car racing, NI has the potential to become a hotspot on the foodie tourist map. Piece will help us get there.


We have a DIY attitude but a very educated palate. We want to encourage local talent by writing about all the great stuff they do to make Northern Ireland a wonderful place to live. We want people in Singapore, Toronto and Moscow to think of NI not just for golf, but for pristine beaches, innovative cuisine, bespoke crafts and world-class cultural events. A rising tide lifts all boats – that’s an ethos firmly embedded in the Piece mission. We love where we live, and we want to promote it.

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