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60 years to the day after Tayto started its crisp-making business in Tandragee, its youngest and sleepiest fan, little Elena Beattie from Dromore, was welcomed to the world.

To celebrate Elena’s birth, Mr Tayto took a special trip to mum and dad, Elyse and Jordan’s, house in Dromore to meet little Elena, along with her big sister, Eva, and to bring her some birthday gifts.

Elyse, Elena’s mum, said:  “It was lovely to welcome Mr Tayto to our home to meet Elena, who was born on Tayto’s 60th birthday.  He was a very happy guest and couldn’t stop grinning at little Elena, who slept through most of the experience!”

Dad, Jordan, added:  “Mr Tayto brought us some great gifts for our growing family and a packet of crisps is a little treat to look forward to after a sleepless night.  Our eldest daughter Eva, who is two, wasn’t quite sure what to make of Mr Tayto when he arrived but shaking his hand she came round a bit!”

As part of its 60th birthday celebrations, Tayto linked with maternity units across Northern Ireland and delivered goody bags to families who welcomed new additions on Tayto’s official 60th birthday, 29 February 2016.  Tayto was delighted to hear from Elyse and Jordan, who invited Mr Tayto along to meet little Elena, who was born weighing 6lbs 13oz, which is equivalent to around 82 bags of Tayto’s standard crisps!

Elyse added:  “Thank you again to Tayto.  We knew we would be welcoming lots of well-wishers after the birth of Elena but to have Northern Ireland’s most-famous giant spud among them was something very special!

“Elena is a very content baby and we are delighted that she is thriving.  I know she’ll enjoy looking back at pictures of her special guest when she’s older, while enjoying a packet of Tayto Cheese and Onion, of course!”


Tayto produces one million bags of crisps and snacks at its Tandragee facility every working day and one in five packets of crisps eaten in Northern Ireland are Tayto Cheese and Onion.

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