Moment Health response to QUB study into Maternal Mental Health

Moment Health
Moment Health

STUDY: QUB study into maternal mental health

The study confirms existing research and recent findings by King’s College that one in four women will develop mental ill health in pregnancy. 
23% of women who died between six weeks and one year after pregnancy died from mental health related issues. 

Estimated 20%-25% suffer post natal depression in the western world. 

70% of women admit they hide or downplay symptoms of mental illness but with early intervention there is an 80-90% recovery.
Moment Health is a new technology company aimed at tackling maternal mental health to make it mainstream.
Its first innovation, the Moment Health App, ranked no 1 UK health and fitness app in its first week on the market in November 2017.
The app is available to download free at:

Moment Health

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