Why People Love Staying at Marriott Hotels

The Marriott hotels have carved a distinguished name in the world of hospitality and remain at the forefront in terms of their excellent service, friendly staff, and comfortable guest rooms. From excellent locations, premium amenities, and luxury guest rooms to sophisticated reward systems, the Marriott hotels exude comfort and convenience for all guests.

However, these are only some of the reasons why people love staying at Marriott hotels. As the largest hotel chain in the world, Marriott and all its brands never compromise on quality, and you are sure to have a luxurious and memorable time during your stay.

1. Luxuriously Soft Pillows

One of Marriott hotels’ standout features is its luxury bedding and especially the pillows. Guests who have slept on their premium mattresses, crisp white sheets with a high thread count, and plush pillows, keep coming back for more.

The Marriott prides itself for providing guests nothing short of expensive luxury and unparalleled relaxation with their unique pillows. Pillows used at marriott hotels fit all sleeping positions and are designed to offer tranquility and support all through the night.

The Pacific Coast Down Surround Pillow offers a dual-chamber with a luxuriously soft mix of feathers and cloud-like down. The inner chamber of the pillow is filled with 90% waterfowl feathers while the outer space is 70% down and 30% lyocell that adds a soft bounce to the pillow. The cushiony and plush embrace of the pillow offers support for the neck and head and keeps you rested without any disruptions.

The Marriott hotels also use the Pillowtex Triple Core Lyocell Pillow that is uniquely designed to erase any stress or pressure from pushing down on your neck, spine, and shoulders. It consists of medium firmness and its inner chamber is 5% duck down, while the outer chamber is lyocell microfiber. This pillow is specifically comforting for side and back sleepers thanks to its firm support of the spine.

The bedding at the Marriott is designed to exude comfort and keep guests feeling utterly relaxed and stress free, which is why it is such a popular and standout feature of the hotel.

2. Exceptional Rewards Program

Applauded for its many benefits, the Marriott hotels’ reward program is one of the best loyalty services, thanks to its range of properties across the countries and the several opportunities for guests to earn these points and redeem them whenever they need to.

The exceptional Marriott Bonvoy points are useful for all guests and gives them a reason to return in the future. One excellent feature of this program is its fixed award chart.

Less complex and dynamic than other reward programs like the Hilton Honors, the Marriott Bonvoy offers guests a straightforward and concise view at the number of points required for each property, perk, and room. It is far less confusing for guests to figure out what they need to enjoy an upgrade or a free stay.

The Marriott reward system is also praised for maintaining and guarding its elite status levels. There are some useful ways to earn the Marriott Bonvoy status, but for the most part guests are required to stay at the properties, physically climb a few tiers and enjoy the benefits that come with the elite status.

This greatly benefits guests who travel regularly for business or leisure purposes as they feel ‘safer’ with their elite status. It also makes the elite status more valuable.  

3. Excellent Amenities

Marriott hotels offer their valued guests a range of premium amenities that set it apart from most hotel chains. Depending on the location and brand, some amenities are consistent in every hotel, while others are more specific to the area.

In almost all Marriott properties, guests can enjoy free access to popular swimming pools, relaxing hot tubs, and 24-hour operational fitness facilities. Some hotels may offer nightly entertainment for children including learning and educational events, games, etc.

The concierge at the Marriott will always guide you if you are lost and they are equipped with electronic, interactive maps that can help with directions any time. Or you could even access the computer rooms and get printouts of maps or other documents all for free.

The hotel rooms are fully stocked with necessities such as fresh towels and coffee pots, and some may even have mini fridges, bars, etc. Premium toiletries are always at your disposal, and you can request for more if need be.

At some Marriott properties, you can enjoy outdoor eating while relaxing in the teak garden or enjoy gorgeous views as you enjoy premium drinks from rooftop bars. The variety of services and amenities have guests keep coming back for more.

4. Massive Scale and Influence

It does not matter whether you are traveling locally or international, the Marriott hotels have you covered.

With over 6,500 properties internationally in 127 countries, the Marriott hotels are spread on a massive scale and remain incredibly popular and influential in the hospitality world and among guests.

In addition to this, Marriott also has 30 different international brands that guests can choose from. From large scale, uniquely designed resorts, premium hotels, to affordable casual hotels, Marriott has an option for everyone.

The sheer scale and influence of the hotel promises unmatched quality, amenities, influence, and easy access. This has served to build guest loyalty and trust. Even if you are on foreign land, the international or local Marriott hotel will always be there to serve you and make you feel right at home.

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