Amazing Purchases That Will Make You A Better Golfer

When trying to enhance or improve your golf game, it’s not just clubs that make a difference. Everything from the balls you use, to the shoes you wear can markedly improve, or decrease your game statistics.

When looking to improve your skills, the first step is to take a look at your equipment and purchase items that will assist in honing your overall game. Here we present some great tools that will help you become a better golfer.


These handy items help you figure out your distance from the hole with pinpoint precision. The best rangefinder for golf can help you plan your strategy and give you the information needed to drop strokes and get to the green faster and more efficiently. By utilizing it, you can give yourself the edge you need to better your game.

There are different types of rangefinders, and depending on your budget and experience level you will want to choose the appropriate one. It is important to use equipment that matches your skill levels and game goals.

Training Aids

Obviously, golf is a game just like any other sport, and training and playing it properly is incredibly important. You won’t just walk out on to the course one day and be the next Tiger Woods, even he needed years of practice to hone his skills.

Utilizing training aids is a great way to improve individual aspects of your game. Having a problem hitting the green? Take a look at your driver, or learn to use a range finder. Need to improve your overall swing? Get a swing trainer to help with your posture and follow-through. Having issues with putting? Go through putting drills and use a putting trainer.

Using the right aids you can recognize and improve your weaknesses and as with any other area of practice, repetition, repetition, repetition can get you to the level of play you want.

Shoes And Athletic Wear

When discussing clothing for golf, people might not recognize how important their choices are. Golfers’ fashion is often the butt of many jokes, but as with any other sport, appropriate attire is imperative to a successful golf game.

Constrictive clothing may hinder your swing, lightweight, breathable and flexible shirts are a must. In order to swing and follow through appropriately, it is important to have the right clothing on that is not going to restrict your body movement and allow for fluidity in your motions.

Inappropriate footwear can be deadly on the course. Attempting to hit your ball at the bank of a water trap can be slippery and affect your stroke count. Having the appropriate shoes to ground yourself and maintain balance, even in the slipperiest of situations is the key to ensuring your environment won’t affect your overall game.


Your clubs can make or break your golf game. A professional will not be utilizing a beginner set of clubs, and a beginner should not immediately purchase a professional set. 

Ensuring your clubs match your skill level is incredibly important. Having the appropriate weight and length of clubs can mean the difference between adding strokes or dropping them, and enhancing your overall game.

Be it your driver, sand wedge, or putter, it is important to equip the correct set of clubs for your personal experience level and comfort. While it may seem like a great idea to save some bucks and using a second-hand set, there comes a point in time when saving money on equipment can detrimentally affect your overall game.


The quality of the balls you use is incredibly important. Some low price, cheaper balls will be harder to drive to the green and may be less aerodynamic and affect your overall statistics.

Balls are manufactured from a variety of different materials and come in a variety of weights and quality. You won’t want to use a cheap ball used for practice in a high stakes game, you will want to use the top tier, aerodynamic ball in these instances.

Use your cheaper balls for practice, aerodynamic balls for driving, and more controllable balls for putting. Changing your balls can change your game, for better or worse. So pay attention to which balls you are hitting depending on your game situation.


From Clubs to balls, to clothing, the equipment you use can drastically affect your swing, follow-through, and overall game. Realizing which equipment is right for you, and utilizing it appropriately can make you an overall better golfer, enhancing your confidence and refining your game.

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