7 Ways To Make Some Money Being a Student in 2021

According to movies, all college students do is have parties, play football, and try to get into exclusive clubs. The reality, though, is entirely different. Student’s life is dominated by two things – studies and work, meaning there’s not much time left for social activities.

As if that wasn’t enough, the pandemic came, forcing students to seek other, more sophisticated ways to make money. Fortunately, the digital world is full of opportunities, and with a little effort, every student can find something for themselves. And to help you with that, we’ve prepared the following guide.

Below, we’ve gathered 7 top ways for students to make money in 2021, including classics like becoming a blogger or Uber driver.

Become an Online Tutor

It’s no secret that almost everyone needs help with their studies at some point. And while it’s easy to find a person who can help you with Math or Physics, it’s not so easy to find an experienced history teacher who can explain to you the relevance of the Napoleonic wars in modern politics.

Luckily, there are online tutoring sites such as Wyzant where you can find students and teach them whatever you want. This way you can earn money from home and at the same time practice any subject you’d like to teach. Awesome!

Become an Uber Driver

Depending on where you live, this one might require a car, but if you already own one, becoming an Uber driver is a great way to make money as a student. The process is simple – sign up using your phone, meet the Uber driver requirements, and start driving whenever you have free time.

The great thing about Uber is that it guarantees a certain amount of money per hour, so even if you don’t have many clients, you can still make money driving around town.

Become a Web Developer

It’s no secret that the web development industry is booming, and if you want to be a part of it, all you have to do is learn how to code. No matter what your major is, there’s a high chance that computer science classes are part of it.

If you’re not entirely keen on that, though, there are plenty of online bootcamp courses, such as General Assembly or Fullstack Academy. Both of them teach web development and design from scratch, and all you need is a laptop and an Internet connection.

Become a Social Media Manager

Indeed, the world runs on social media nowadays. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter – all these platforms are so popular that companies are hiring social media managers in order to promote their products online.

And what do social media managers do? They create content for their employers’ social media accounts, post engaging posts, engage with users, and interact with other people. Sounds pretty good, right?

Become a Translator

Whether it’s an e-commerce website or a business project, every company needs to translate its content into multiple languages in order to reach an international audience. And since English is no longer considered the only language in the world, companies often hire translators from different countries.

And such positions go well for students because they only require knowledge of another language and a computer. If you speak Spanish or Chinese, for example, you can easily become an interpreter. Good luck!

Become a Freelancer

If you already know how to code or design something cool, why not sell it on freelance platforms such as Upwork or Fiverr? In fact, freelancing is so popular nowadays that almost every company is looking for programmers or designers who could help with creating an app or a logo for them.

So if you know how to build websites or create logos from scratch, why not use your skills and earn some money while doing what you love?

Create Your Own Website or Blog

Probably the most common way to earn money as a student is to create your own website or blog where people can buy things or simply read your articles online. And while it requires some effort and time, it can be very rewarding in the end.

There are millions of blogs online nowadays where people share their thoughts and experiences with other readers, so why not become one of them? Just make sure that your blog is valuable and enjoyable to read.


As you can see, there are plenty of ways to make money as a student. And the best part is that most of them don’t require much effort – you just need to learn some skills or put to use what you already know.

And the great thing about this is that you can use your newfound skills later in life since almost every company needs web developers, social media managers, translators, and online tutors. So good luck!


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