Magners Forbidden Fruit


This weekend Magners Forbidden Flavours transported saints and sinners to an under-wraps location to reveal an evening laden with hedonistic temptation. For one evening only, Ollie’s in Belfast was transformed into a wry tribute to the Seven Deadly Sins as #MagnersForbidden challenged guests, who won tickets via social media, to experience seven zones themed around Pride, Envy, Wrath, Gluttony, Lust, Sloth and Greed.

‘Pride’ zone featured a clever mirror which gave a whole new look to selfies; ‘Envy’ offered the chance to win a desirable VIP night for four at Ollie’s; ‘Wrath’ was a high striker challenge; ‘Lust’ was portrayed by sultry dancers; ‘Sloth’ was a cool chill out area and ‘Greed’ was a fun cash grab cube with the chance to earn a BOSE Soundlink Bluetooth speaker.

Throughout the night the ‘Gluttony’ zone provided tempting Magners Forbidden Flavours cocktails:

Lusty Lemon Fizz – Gin and Apple Juice topped with Magners Cloudy Lemon, and Sinful

Strawberry Sour – Vodka, Mango, Lemon & Lime Sours, topped with Magners Strawberry & Lime.

Adding to the atmosphere, urban artist Visual Waste created a seven deadly sins installation live on the night. Revellers brought the Magners Forbidden Tree to life by inscribing their guilty sins and secret vices on fruit-shaped cards which they then attached to the branches for all to read.

Delighted at the success of the celebration, Magners Brand Manager, Julia Galbraith, said, “Magners Flavours have an edgy personality and our light-hearted take on the seven deadly sins proved hugely popular with our social media followers. We deliberately kept an aura of mystery around event, in particular the venue, but the hint of a Magners Flavours party had everyone eager to know more.

“Magners is all about great sociability and the Magners Forbidden Party certainly reflected that ethos. We’re already thinking about our next exciting event and if you follow Magners Cider NI on Facebook or Twitter you’ll be the first to hear about it.”