Love is all you need Review: Mamma Mia without the ABBA songs. 7/10

Pierce Brosnan and Trine Dryholm star in the Love is All You Need, the multi-lingual offering from director Susanne Bier. Its looks like Mamma Mia from the trailers, but its far more intelligent and less annoying.

With a distinct continental feel the film instantly transports you into the world of Ida (Dryholm) a woman battling Cancer who discovers her husband is having an affair. Travelling to her daughter’s wedding a haphazard encounter sees her meet Philip (Brosnan) a widower who has never truly recovered from the loss of his wife.

Forced together as their children are to be wed the impending joyous occasion is thrown into disarray in the most unexpected of ways leaving you with highly amusing and yet still very emotional scenes.

The characters are very real, very believable and therefore largely very likeable. Somewhat nontraditional the cast of very different personalities mean the characters are well developed and intriguing; partly to do with the fact that many of them are familiar, for better or worse.

Susan Bier’s film spans Denmark and Italy and has a real continental feel. This is not just down to the geographical locations, but also the cinematography, the beautiful setting and the tri lingual dialogue.

The film is a real joy to watch, although there were one or two moments where it felt slightly slow and unrealistic, however it soon catches your attention again and thanks to some masterful film making and a round of excellent performances there is a real sense of intimacy on screen which in-turn creates a real rapport between the viewer and the characters. The writing manages to evoke dislike, sympathy, pity, hope and happiness for all on screen.

“Love is all you Need” is a charming and intelligent film that will leave you feeling spirited and uplifted and wanting to visit Italy!

LoveBelfast = 7/10 Certificate 15, 116 mins


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