‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’ has been topping the charts in both the US and UK however rumours are flying that Jamie Dornan might be quitting the sequel.

Jamie, who plays Christian Grey in the film wants to pull out of his contractual obligations for the next two movies.

Jamie’s actress wife, Amelia Warner, is reportedly unhappy with the explicit sex scenes in the film and the actor himself has been upset over the poor reviews.

It is also claimed that Jamie didn’t click with co-star Dakota Johnson saying, “Jamie does not think his performance was bad – instead he blames Dakota and says it wasn’t possible to have chemistry with her.”

There have been reports that director Sam Taylor-Johnson is also bowing out of the franchise after clashing with author EL James.

50 shades of Grey

Have you been to see 50 shades? What did you think?

Yes, as good as the book >> http://wedgi.es/1Lf2WPR
No way, book & film were both rubbish >>> http://wedgi.es/1Lf2YY8
The book was better! >>> http://wedgi.es/1Lf2WPS
The film was better than book >>  http://wedgi.es/1BnNsHI
so hillariously bad that it was good >> http://wedgi.es/1Lf2WPQ



  1. The movie was brilliant and Jamie played the role really well. I only wish they had all three books ready for release as the wait for the follow on is just too long. I think it was tastefully finished and look forward to ven more from next two films 🙂

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