Ireland’s Largest Theatre School goes from Strength to Strength


With the art industry in Northern Ireland reeling from the recent announcement of budget cuts, one NI arts organisation is looking to a bright future bringing hundreds of young people the opportunity to take part in musical theatre.

The Belfast School of Performing Arts, now into its 5th year and with no government funding, is looking to grow its existing offering which offers performing Arts classes to children and young people aged 6-21 by continuing to introduce new schools across the country and has even launched a Junior school for children aged just 3-6. At present BSPA caters for around 250 -300 children who attend four schools across the province on a weekly basis, they put on 8-10 big productions each year and can spend in excess of £50k per show, all of which is pumped back into the arts industry in Northern Ireland.

Artistic Director and Founder of BSPA, James Huish says;

“Our students learn from experts in dancing, acting and singing and our shows are produced and directed by some of the best producers and directors in the country. BSPA has never received any funding from the Arts Council and these recent cuts in the arts budget, while really awful for the arts industry as a whole will thankfully have no bearing on BSPA. I sympathise with those arts organisations which have had their funding cut, but for BSPA it’s onwards and upwards. Luckily we don’t rely on government funding to deliver our service, and we can continue to be passionate about bringing musical theatre to the masses. By taking part in our schools we see children from both sides of the community come together to build their confidence, make friends and work together while bringing some truly spectacular performances to the people of Northern Ireland. We are very proud of what we do and expect to be adding to the culture of Northern Ireland’s eclectic art scene for many many years to come.”

In the next few months, BSPA will be presenting the Northern Ireland public with a number of shows, look out for Beauty and the Beast, Mulan, Alice in Wonderland, Annie and Westside Story – all featuring the  exceptionally talented children and young people of BSPA

The school also offers the Rachel Tucker scholarship which is open to any student who is dedicated with a strong desire to learn, it is also available to students who may not be able to afford to study under current circumstances.

For further information on getting involved with BSPA or buying tickets for any of the upcoming shows please visit


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