Belfast based HSL (Hospital Services Ltd) brought a first for healthcare in Northern Ireland to the annual NICON (Northern Ireland Confederation for Health and Social Care) health and wellbeing conference in Belfast, with the exclusive launch of its Telehealthsolution developed in association with its partner AMD Global Telemedicine, aimed at revolutionising patient care in Northern Ireland.


HSL’s Telehealth care platform enables high-quality, encrypted connectivity between patients and healthcare practitioners via video e.g. a doctor in a hospital and an individual sitting in a controlled remote location, such as a care home or pharmacy. Patients don’t have to travel to appointments and the need for physical premises is reduced while diagnosis and ongoing monitoring of their condition is more frequent, as doctors and other professionals are providing expert input remotely. Equipment including digital stethoscopes, ear/nose/throat scopes, ultrasound probes, and heart rate monitors can collect the key data that practitioners require to make decisions.  This data is transmitted during the consultation and augment those video conversations with real time health information.

For stroke patients it can provide the platform for a consistent and coherent tele-stroke service so that any individual presenting at A&E with stroke symptoms can receive access to a stroke consultant for early engagement and a potentially life saving diagnosis. Another example of its application is for post-operative or cancer patients in rural areas where recovery can be monitored more efficiently and effectively.

Dominic Walsh, Chief Executive of HSL, said: “For HSL, the introduction of the Telehealth care delivery model was a natural addition to our existing range of diagnostic imaging and point of care equipment solutions.  Our vision is of enabling healthcare professionals with the right solution to meet patients’ needs immediately those needs arise.  We firmly believe that, with the support of our international partners, HSL will play a leading role in the digital transformation programme in Northern Ireland’s healthcare sector now and in the future.”

With pilots planned in several NI health trusts, HSL is bringing the leading secure telehealth platform to the market which has been proven in north America and supports over 40 approved telehealth enabled devices integrating with existing medical applications through HL7 – the international standard for healthcare software applications – and with unrivalled functionality and performance.

With pressure growing on the health service from the ageing population who are experiencing more complex and chronic combinations of conditions in later life for prolonged periods and with the same intense costs and resource pressures amplified and intensified by an ever-increasing selection of medicines, machines and technology to purchase and deploy, HSL’s Telehealth platform supports many aspects of the transformation and digital challenges currently facing the healthcare industry, complementing and expanding the existing product and services portfolio. It addresses these challenges and the shortage of healthcare professionals with a digitally enabled toolkit to empower healthcare professionals to redefine how they develop and deliver care for their patients.

Following the rollout across Northern Ireland, HSL’s Telehealth solution will be introduced to the Republic of Ireland and Great Britain markets in the second half of 2019.

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