How To Travel From Belfast To NYC With ESTA?

Traveling long-hauls can truly be exhausting and sometimes stressful. It could contribute to the jetlag you’d feel after traversing to a different timezone.

In traveling to the USA, you would need to prepare documents to show upon entry. You have to make sure your passport and other travel documents are with as part of preparations you need to do at the airport. The most important is your Visa, the most essential requirement in most international travel.  If you are coming from Belfast, all these apply to you. Here are some information that can help you if you plan to fly from Belfast to NYC, USA

At the airport, They conduct the usual drill when you check in within the terminal. Their check in typically opens 3 hours prior to your flight departure. This is where you should prepare your documents for a fast transaction. Upon check-in, airport officials will ask you to present your travel details and documents. If you are traveling to the USA, they’d most probably ask for your ESTA visa details. ESTA, or Electronic System for Travel Authorization, allows you to travel to the USA for tourism or business under the Visa Waiver Program (VWP)

It is better to start your application prior to purchasing your airline ticket. It is one of the travel documents that is easiest to access and transact online. When you apply for ESTA, the first process is to collect your biographic information which are your personal and travel details including your name, contact information, travel information, and medical history, among others. This information will be checked and confirmed before answering VWP eligibility questions. When everything is completed, you can finally choose a payment method to pay the fees. Approved ESTA is valid for two years thus, you can experience smooth travels for that duration.

New York

The distance from Belfast to New York is about 5,108 miles. Most of the flights last for about 11 to 13 hours and with one or two connecting flights. There are several routes you can choose. 

A flight with only one connecting flight starts in Belfast International Airport to London Heathrow in an hour. From London, it is a long wait (4 to 5 hours) for your connecting flight to JFK Airport which is approximately a 4-hour flight. The transport from one flight to another could be a self-transfer which means that you will check yourself and your luggages yourself.

Two connecting flights would start in George Best Belfast City Airport to London Heathrow, London to Amsterdam Airport Schiphol then Amsterdam to JFK is the most recommended airport to land in New York because it is the biggest, most accessible to subways and has more variety of flights and destinations.This route will approximately total to13 hours of travel which includes the stops and waiting.

When you consider cheap flights for Belfast to NYC, put comfort at your highest priority to make your flight a good experience..  Make sure you secure all the necessary documents and requirements ahead of time to avoid hassle along the way. Preparation is key to a smooth and stress-free flight especially now that there are ways on how you could process your travel documents and visa easier and faster. 


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