How to make big bucks by reselling sneakers

The sneaker reselling market is a quiet yet very profitable industry. In the age of information and E-commerce, devoted sneakerheads need extensive technical knowledge to get their hands on limited-edition footwear.

With most sneaker drops moved to online shops, casual buyers often struggle to buy a single pair of sneakers in time. Tech-savvy customers use a wide array of tools that help them create advantages. Fast checkout times and automated purchases let modern-day sneakerheads cop the most shows during a drop, as well as make a fortune in the reselling business.

If you consider yourself a sneaker enthusiast, put your knowledge to the test and try your luck in the reselling business. Read on to learn the technical aspects of coping and reselling, and start making the big bucks by reselling sneakers.

Set yourself up for success before the next sneaker drop

To outperform the competition and stock up on limited edition sneakers, we must lay the groundwork for our new digital workplace. Successful coping is not possible without proper tools. Let’s start with a small setup and grow from there.

Sneaker bots are the most important tools that give us a competitive advantage over casual scrapers. Fast requests and automated checkouts increase our chances of getting a sneaker pair ahead of the pack. Nike shoe bot is a great example of a popular provider that gives a comfortable copping experience during limited edition Nike drops. Click here to check out this comprehensive Nike Shoe Bot review.

However, the sneaker reselling industry is growing, so you will end up competing with other tech-savvy sneakerheads. Setting up your first sneaker bot will build your technical experience, but that is only the first step in your grind. Simple sneaker bots have made a huge difference in the past. Now Nike and other big players choose a small group of buyers and choose the lucky ones in random order. Bots still help us enter the queue faster, but we’ll have to use additional tools to get more sneakers.

Start using sneaker proxies

The best way to increase your chances of getting more footwear is to increase your manpower. The most successful, tech-savvy sneakerheads lead organized armies of bots.

It should come as no surprise that sportswear companies do not like bots. A properly optimized Nike shoe bot should not cause any suspicion, but multiple bots on a single IP address can easily get you banned. To hide our army of fake buyers we need fake network identities. Step up your copping game by implementing sneaker proxies.

This is where we start seeing results and multiple successful purchases. Cheap datacenter proxies may help you out at first, but eventually, they will get blocked. The best sneaker proxies have residential IPs from all around the world. We mask our Nike shoe bots with authentic addresses and start copping. Because the website only sees different connections from all around the world, it has a hard time identifying bot activity.

Sneaker proxies also have to target specific locations. Choosing particular IPs will help you reduce delay and target local drops.

With a good proxy provider, you will be able to set up multiple instances of Nike shoe bots paired with high-quality residential proxies. At this point, you should be able to outperform your competition and stock up on pairs of limited sneakers. Now there is only one step left that will get you ready to trade blows with the big boys.

Top it off with a VPS

Now that we have all the main pieces intact, let’s talk about optional tools that will structure your system and maximize its potential. Now that you have Nike shoe bots and residential sneaker proxies at your disposal, the only thing that’s left is a Virtual Private Server (VPS).

There is so much you can do with a VPS. Serious Forex and Stock traders use these servers to base their trading platforms and automated algorithms. Clients choose VPS locations to maximize the benefits of a service. Remote servers have a much better internet connection and the smallest possible ping latency to brokers, or in our case – sneaker sites. If a serious day trader can’t live without a VPS, it will surely prove useful for our sneaker copping tasks.

Nike shoe bots have great VPS servers optimized for the best sneaker copping experience. For a monthly fee, you can base your bots on servers with a high-speed internet connection. A VPS that is close to the most important sneaker sites will maximize your chances on limited edition sneakers.

With all these tools, technical proficiency, and extensive knowledge of the sneaker market, you will be ready to make a profit by reselling limited-edition footwear. Still, with serious competitors and increasing attention from the media, sneaker copping is a tough business. Ironically, being a hustler in the XXI century requires you to be a geek.

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