How to Get Started With Airsoft

If you decided to venture into the world of Airsoft, then you are on the right page. Airsoft is played in a large field, usually in an outdoor environment, but if you prefer indoor areas, that works out too. This sport uses a BBS’s ammo gun, so it is hard to determine if you were able to hit a player or not. Unlike when you play paintball or laser tag, you will see right away if you pull a perfect shot. Hits dependently rely on an honor system when playing Airsoft.

To understand what Airsoft is, you need to recognize all what is not. When you play Airsoft, you do not use the traditional BB Gun that usually fires caliber metal. Guns used in this game are replicas of non-metallic spherical projectiles in the same manner that a real gun fires a bullet. Now that you know what Airsoft means, here’s how to get you started.

General Rules

Like any other sport, Airsoft has general rules that need to be followed by all players involved.

No Blind Firing

This is the act of firing someone from behind covers without exposing oneself and without seeing the target. This posed a danger not only to the players but to the marshals as well. This kind of behavior shows a lack of discipline and is not allowed.

Wear Safety Protection

As a player, you must always wear eye protection when on the battlefield. In this way, you get to protect your eyes from and prevent any untoward incident from harming them. You are also recommended to wear proper airsoft attire for safety purposes. Following this protocol will help you prevent any unnecessary harm while you’re having fun.

No Point Blank Range Firing

  • One rule in Airsoft is to not fire someone in close range. If in the vent that you are close to someone, say “surrender” and wait for them to say “ok” or “alright”

Avoid Pistol-Whipping

  •  One thing that is illegal in all battlefields is pistol-whipping. It is an act of beating someone with a gun. It is prohibited in this sport.

The last rule when playing Airsoft is to have fun. Enjoy every second you are in the field and this will surely give you great memories. 

Choosing a Gun

Picking a gun for your Airsoft journey can be hard and confusing at times, especially if you do not want to spend that much money on a game. According to experts, when choosing your gun for the first time, remember that these are not just bb guns but airsoft guns too. So it is okay to pick a gun that is half the price of a beautiful airsoft gun and go to the decent one just to try the sport out. One tip of advice, clean your gun regularly and use a high-quality lubricant to maintain its quality. 


Now that you fully understand the rules and you have a gun to use for your first Airsoft battle, it’s time for you to have fun. Look on the internet for the best fields for airsoft. Remember that some fields have different rules. Some will allow you to use airsoft grenades and some wouldn’t. However, if you don’t want to go out of your house and you have a big backyard, this will do. Just make sure that you are using a weaker gun. 

Once you are in the field, always remember the rules. At the same time, avoid doing prohibited stuff even when it gets intense on the battlefield. Always have fun and enjoy it.

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