Expert Care and Maintenance Tips for Airsoft Guns

Ensuring your airsoft gun’s long life means doing proper care and maintenance regularly. Like a real firearm, maintenance involves all of the parts being checked and corrected. While different airsoft guns require different processes, you’ll still need to clean them and change parts, focusing on the external and internal mechanisms to make them work smoothly. Here are some expert tips on how to take care of your airsoft guns:

Power Source Maintenance

As there are different types of power sources for your airsoft gun, you will have to go over the procedures according to what you have.

Gas Powered

If you have a gas-powered airsoft gun, ensuring efficiency in the airflow is important. Safely checking the seals for leaks should be part of your process. You can look between the loading nozzle and router, as well as between the hop-up chamber and the loading nozzle since this is where leaks commonly occur. One expert tip is that when you want to expel gas from the gun, don’t use the release valve like the other types. This will result in the O ring to freeze and get brittle, you’re most like find a leak the next time you use it.


Among the other power source, a spring-powered gun is relatively the easiest to clean. You need to make sure that the spring is running properly and is able to move smoothly. You can clean them by spraying the moving parts like the trigger, slide, and the part where you slip the clip. Wipe excess oil before you put them back.


The most important with battery-powered airsoft guns is that you use the correct voltage. A wrong voltage rating will cause the gun to not work properly and may cause problems in the future.

Part Change

Find time to disassemble your gun to check for wear and tear and other problems. Focusing on the working parts and examining how it should look as well as putting it back together will help you identify issues sooner. If you find something that calls for a replacement whether you need hop ups, barrels gear boxes, springs or magazines we have every airsoft part imagine to keep your gun perform at its best. Make sure you read the product manual to get to know the specifications that’ll work well for your particular model.


Regardless of what airsoft you have, it has some moving parts that need lubrication. The frequency depends on how much you use them or if you think it’s affecting its operation. You can do this by removing the magazine and unload a few shots in semi-auto mode. Next is turning the gun upside down and apply a specialized spray of silicone oil to the hop-up of the gun. Keep the gun in that position for a few minutes before you flip it back up.

From time-to-time, you’ll need to lubricate the gearbox. Start by removing the motor from the gun. Through the hole at the bottom of the part spray the same silicone oil and leave it in an upside-down position for a few minutes more.

Providing regular complete cleaning and maintenance ensures that your airsoft gun will work consistently for a long time. Understanding how it works and the basic mechanism will help you identify what needs attention and address any issues before it becomes serious. Many airsoft gun hobbyists find joy in disassembling, cleaning, and putting them back so don’t worry if you feel like you’re spending too much time taking care of your gun.

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