How to Create the Perfect Diet for Your Horse

If you own a horse, you know that their diet is crucial for them to be in great health. There are many rules that pertain to feeding a horse which only further complicates it. What you include in your horse’s diet is more important. Designing the perfect diet for your horse is a mammoth task

If you feed your horse the right things, then you will barely have to worry about other things. You can use the following pointers to create the perfect diet for your horse:


In most cases, high-quality hay or pasture is adequate to feed your horse. You can add grains to your horse’s diet if it is not getting enough hay.

However, horses and their digestive systems are designed to eat a lot of roughage. Therefore, the vast majority of their calories should come from a diet with a lot of roughage. At least two percent of their body weight in roughage every day should do.

If you have no land on which to graze your horses, their stable feeding habits should resemble their natural ones. The key is to have roughage constantly passing through their digestive systems.


A perfect diet for a horse should contain a sufficient number of grains. The key when feeding grains to a horse is to do it in many small servings as opposed to a single massive helping.

Every horse has different needs; so, when giving them grains you should consider them. They will include how much activity the horse does, its size, and age among other things.

You should also consider the amount of hay or pasture your horse gets before deciding on the number of grains to feed it. Start with a minimal amount of grain and adjust according to the horse’s reaction.

Minerals and Vitamins

Just like human beings, horses need an adequate amount of minerals and vitamins in their diet. It is paramount if they are to be in optimal health to receive all necessary nutrients.

The vitamins and minerals that a horse needs can be acquired from horse feed balancers. Horse feed balancers from have a low intake of concentrated minerals and vitamins. They provide the essential nutrients needed for optimal horse health and performance.

Horses will eat certain fruits such as apples which could help them get vitamins and minerals. However, balancers are the best option for them to have a perfect diet.


One of the keys to creating a perfect diet for your horse is to measure the feed accurately and consistently. Many horse owners go by visual measurements when feeding their horses which can have large discrepancies.

When a horse is eating grass in the pasture, it will eat only that which it needs so there is no need for measurement. However, if you are feeding the horse in a stable, it is crucial that you use accurate instruments to measure how much you feed the horse daily.

A scale will be the best instrument to use in this regard. However, a measuring scoop, can or anything else that suits your needs will do fine to ensure consistency.

Have a Routine

For most people, a routine is necessary if they want to stick to eating healthy habits. The same goes for the diet of a horse.

If you want to have a perfect diet for your horse, you should stick to a routine. Being consistent will make it easy for you to feed your horse healthy foods and for the horse to consistently eat them.

A sudden change in the routine will spook your horse and might even trigger a colic episode. Therefore, before you settle on a routine that works for both of you, you should make gradual changes, not sudden ones.

Consult a Vet

You should have a vet already if you own even a single horse. The vet will be very helpful if you want to create a perfect diet for your horse.

The horse vet definitely has a lot more knowledge than you do about the health of horses. Consult the vet about which will be the best to feed your horse.

A vet will be particularly helpful in finding out the individual proclivities of a horse. You can then custom tailor a diet to your horse to suit it perfectly.

You should ensure the horse gets a full medical checkup at least once a year.

Owning a horse is a great undertaking with many challenges. It is especially so as it pertains to feeding the horse. However, with the tips above, you should have a solid basis for creating the perfect diet for your horse. Every horse is different so be sure to find what works specifically for your horse.

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