How to best represent your Celtic heritage through the interior design of your home

Celtic heritage begun with a collection of tribes which originated in central Europe in 1200 BC. From there the cultural beliefs and traditions have spread throughout western Europe via migration – currently remaining the most prominent in Ireland and Scotland.

Tartan patterns are the most synonymous design with Celtic culture, and also the go-to pattern to incorporate your family’s history into your home. If patterns aren’t your thing, or you just don’t know where to start, read on as we give you tips and tricks to help you to embrace your roots in your home.

  • Flooring

When it comes to experimenting with interior design, flooring is often forgotten. Carpet, wood or tiles are the usual choice, with very little deviation, but it doesn’t have to be that predictable.

You can add a little bit of Celtic ambiance to any room with your choice of flooring. A red oak flooring with a red mahogany finish will bring out the grain in the material, and add a warm glow to any room. If you’re looking for a softer feeling, an Irish Blue Limestone will be perfect in entryways or kitchens to reflect the calming allure of a cool, misty Irish morning.

  • Walls

If you’ve kept your flooring style simple, then look to your walls to bring in the Celtic nod. Depending on the size of the rooms in your home, you have a multitude of different choices. For smaller or darker rooms, such as a utility, or perhaps a downstairs bathroom, there’s a dedicated shade of paint named Celtic Gray.  This paint is a soft, light shade of grey that is perfect for opening up more cramped conditions, and works especially well with natural-style woodwork.

Alternatively, if you’re feeling a little bolder, a Celtic knot wallpaper is a great option to use as an accent wall in almost any room. Team this with a wallpaper or paint that includes one of the key colours in the pattern to draw it all together.

  • Textiles

There’s plenty of places in your home where you can use textiles to demonstrate your proud heritage. In terms of furniture, a deep oak wood or rich maroon leather are a great place to start.

Celtic culture is draped in tartan, interwoven in their fashion and design. Look towards your bed linen and cushions to tie tartan into your décor. Deep greens and slate blues are the main colours in Irish tartan, as well as a thread of light grey weaving them all together. Staying in the bedroom, a wooden bedframe or headboard will team nicely with your new tartan sheets. If a full set of sheets seems like a bit too much of a stretch, then some vibrant tartan scatter cushions are a great way to try out a new style without any real commitment. Place them on top of bright white sheets for a simple, yet effective, look.

  • Windows and Doors

If you want the outside world to instantly know and appreciate your heritage there’s also the option to introduce stained glass panels into your doors and windows. Have your pick of Celtic designs such as knots, four-leaf clovers or Celtic hearts for a bolder look, or instead inject tones of green, grey and blue for a slightly more subtle nod.

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