How Belfast Restaurants need to adapt to new ideas and social media to thrive…




With restaurants in Belfast closing every month, what do they need to do to survive?

Home is a thriving city centre restaurant in the heart of Belfast. It first came to prominence in the autumn of 2011 when founder Stevie Haller used the ‘pop-up shop’ business model to test the market for his new venture. 

‘Popping up’ for three months in Callender Street, a side street in Belfast’s bustling city centre, Stevie quickly built up a large customer base with dinners enjoying nourishing food and the unique up-cycled interior. Social media was vitally important.  Later Home relocated, taking up permanent residence in Wellington Place, a few hundred yards for the initial pop-up shop.

Here Stevie shares his experiences of setting up as a pop-up and how social media helped him establish Home as a popular eatery.


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