Interesting – Not great 6/10

Tonight I was invited to the Moviehouse for the premiere of Hitchcock. If you don’t know who Hitchcock is are never heard or seen the film Psycho, well don’t even bother going to see this film. You wouldn’t appreciate or understand.

Thats said, when you make a film about Hitchcock, you’re always going to lose. It’s like writing a play about Shakespeare, it’s never going to match the original. In fact, most of this film just made me want to watch Psycho again. I did laugh a few times, but the actual making of Psycho is glossed over in favour of a fairly standard melodrama about marital difficulties. Scarlett Johansson, Toni Collette, Helen Mirren all act well in this film. But what fails is the film never goes any deeper into each character.

Anthony Hopkins’ impersonation is serviceable and results in a few moments of hilarity, but his psycho obsessions are never really delved into. If you want to know more about what drove Hitchcock, just watch one of his films.

UK release 08/02/13 

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