#Halloween at @W5atodyssey

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A frightful feast of family fun awaits with a terrifying deep space adventure, Dino Encounters and Monster Big Hedz.

Dino Encounters

Thousands of visitors have flocked to W5 over the summer to do battle with an enemy squad in The Lost Planet Laser Tag. This Hallowe’en, the seven life-sized, static dinosaurs from the Lost Planet have been transported to the heart of the building on Level 2 to offer even the youngest visitor a memorable photo opportunity in a range of dramatic settings. So if you want to strike a pose beside a Stegosaurus, act cool with an Allosaurus or react to a Raptor then whatever you do, don’t forget your camera!

Monster Big Hedz

W5 has seen many unusual sights over the years but nothing quite like this motley crew! W5 has gathered together a ‘Rogues’ Gallery’ of cartoon monsters and your little monster can come along and have his picture taken with Frankenstein, Pumpkin King & Werewolf ‘Big Hedz’ – so make sure you bring your camera along to capture the moment.


For older visitors, they say in space no one can hear you scream, but W5 will soon resound with the shrieks of many as, this Hallowe’en, W5 will allow members of the public, over the age of 12, access to a full immersion terror experience based in a fictitious research facility.

Visitors will enter the premises as a casual observer to learn about a disturbing genetic research programme, only to be plunged into a terrifying total reality experience. The drama will unfold in a labyrinth of corridors of the genetic research facility for an utterly bone shaking fright as you try to escape. Can you conquer your fears and ‘escape’ the horror?

Hallowe’en activities are free with admission to W5. For further information on all the spooktacular Hallowe’en activities, opening times, admission costs etc. please visitwww.w5online.co.uk

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