Game of Thrones : Map of every filming location in the World

Visit Game of Thrones in Real life – with this map of every filming location in the World.

The practical locations in the Game of Thrones are very spectacular and really add a texture and history to the whole show. Shooting in seven different countries I’m sure is a logistical nightmare, but the result is practical locations that would cost even more to fake.

Lawrence of Morocco, in a effort to draw tourists to visit locations in its country, has created a map that presents not only all the locations, but the first season they were used in.

game of thrones location

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  1. It’s amazing that Game of Thrones is actually filmed in seven different countries. Though hats off to the people responsible for finding the best locations that would perfectly portray the specific places for the TV series. Those locations are truly awesome and breathtaking. Being a game of throne fan it would be my life goal to visit at least a few if not all the locations in my lifetime.

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